Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Truth About Dogs

*Disclaimer: This story is about dog poop.

Our family dog Trixie just turned 14 in January.

We picked her out at a pet store. Sitting in her kennel with a schnauzer, and they both looked so sad.

The first month we had her, she had some serious intestinal issues. This meant a special diet of rice and boiled beef. Each week adding in a piece or two of dry dog food, until her body could handle normal dog food.

This also meant watching her like a hawk so she wouldn't mess in the house.

Since she was such a small dog, and her kennel was meant for her when she would be a full grown dog, we put a divider in so she wouldn't mess in her kennel then sleep in it. That didn't stop this little spit fire.

Her kennel was under a built in desk in the kitchen and one morning we came down and their was explosive poo all over. We racked our brains how that could have happened because it was on the other side of the divider.

Then she was caught red handed. We caught her pulling her self to the other side of the divider to do her business!

14 years later, that old lady is still as clever as ever.

For the last couple of weeks she's been having some tummy issues that white rice and beef just couldn't fix. I found a new remedy of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) and ground turkey that seems to have done the trick. Only now, we don't keep Trixie in a kennel (she scratches and barks and cries all. night. long.).

Trixie would usually have free reign of the house because she's always been a pretty good dog who never messed anywhere, until this tummy issue happened. She would sneak off and it was explosive. Not a fun mess to clean up.

At night we keep her on a leash on tile with a bowl of water and an old couch cushion and a blanket. She is not suffering one bit, although she'll make you think she is. We also have make-shift cardboard barricades blocking the stairs to the basement, the entrance to the dining room and the living room.

What? You don't decorate with cardboard?

Since Trixie has been on the mend and my mom has a soft heart for her, I didn't think twice when I opened up my door this morning to find Trixie sound asleep all curled up at the top of the stairs.

Then I went downstairs and saw this.

She broke free from her leash and collar! Chewed through the cardboard that leads to the basement. Where we take the dogs out to go potty! Then she nudged through the cardboard that leads in to the living room and up the stairs to the bedrooms where she could spend the rest of her night/morning sleeping at the top of the stairs, guarding her house and her people.

She may be getting old, but her mind is still sharp as a tack.

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