Thursday, March 13, 2014


Popping in to say hola! It's been a busy week around these parts, but with pretty boring events such as work and other such things I can't exactly share at this moment. That's not vague is it? Oh well. It is what it is.

This is going no where. Fast.

Mom and the dogs left early this week to go up to the cabin so it's just been me and dad holding down the homestead.

While they've been gone I've realized two things.

1. What life would be like if for whatever reason my mom wasn't around.
On the car ride home from work we would discuss the evenings activities, including where we should get food from and what's on TV. Every nights dinner would come from a pizza or taco place because you can get more than just pizza at a pizza place. Tuesday's dinner was chicken wings and bread sticks. Wednesday pizza. Dad would spend his nights at Menards or Home Depot, and I would spend mine trying to work off said pizza and wings. He would come home with the necessities such as beer, wine and peanuts and we would sit in our usual spots while watching crime shows (or the Bachelor if it's a Monday).

2. How quiet life is without a dog.
Every night when I get home I'm greeted by a spunky fluff ball who is barking at me to take my shoes off supa fast so I can say hi to her and give her belly rubs. I'm barked at when the food is gone or she wants some attention. She knows when the pizza man is coming round the corner (I didn't know he was there until the doorbell actually rang), and she sings the song of her people to let me know my dinner is soon arriving. She stands on my legs as I eat my nightly peanuts and whimpers ever so softly in hopes that I'll share with her, and share I do.

In conclusion, life is quiet this week. It's going to remain quiet for a bit longer too.

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