Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekend Review: ice, ice baby

If you live anywhere near the upper MidWest, then you know we've been having one hellish winter. With Spring right around the corner, Winter is fighting its hardest fight to stick around.

See, last week we got the biggest tease of the season and hit 40 on Wed/Thur. Then the rain came. The temps dropped. And golf ball sized snow flakes started dropping and it did not stop until the wee hours of the morning.

I wanted to document the snow fall. Easy entertainment. All you need is a ruler, some fresh snow and a bad camera.

I woke up to cars spinning out and neighbors rushing to their aid with shovels in hand. All the area schools were closed and there was a travel advisory, so I did what any girl would do who had a soft cuddly puppy at home, and I stayed in my sweats, and watched the fifth season of Drop Dead Diva while getting the most out of a sleepy fur ball.

Then the hunger pangs started and they were mad. I knew I should have picked up some mac and cheese, because nothing is tastier or cheesier then the blue box of magic I did have the makings for some home made mac n cheese though.

I lived off this and grilled cheese sandwiches and pickles for nearly three days. I did not complain.

Saturday afternoon I took a leisurely stroll down the interstate at 25 mph to go see Crashed Ice in St. Paul. We started at the Happy Gnome and got cozy around their outdoor fire and ice bar before making our way to the show.

I felt like a kid going to see Santa. It was so cool, the energy, lights, people, music. There was so much excitement!

When we couldn't feel our toes, we headed over to Eagle Street for some more beers. The night was going swimmingly until some ass bag locked himself in a bathroom stall with my cousins fiance and threatened to kill himself. Tony pulled us out of the bar and we wandered down to McGoverns to get some food and try and wrap our heads around what had just happened. (Side note: to our knowledge, the ass bag did not kill himself, but he did kill our moods for the night.)

Sunday flew by in the blink of an eye. My family gathered at my cousins for a birthday brunch and before we knew it we had to get going because they were heading to an evening play of Mama Mia.

Finally, it's Tuesday, although I keep thinking it's Wednesday, which is never a good sign about how the week will go.

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