Monday, February 10, 2014

Selfie World Record

If you had to guess, what event do you think would break the world record for the most 'selfies' taken?

I'm 100% positive it happened this weekend at the WOW cheer and dance competition. My friends from Sioux Falls have two daughters that cheer and dance so they were in town for this event. You have hundreds of girls from 5-25 all admiring themselves in their phones just snapping away.  At one point we were sitting in the midst of a high school cheer team and their coach was trying to tell them to warm up because they were going to perform soon. Not one girl listened as they huddled together for a group selfie.

I'm glad cell phones and digital cameras weren't around when I was in school like they are now.

Anyway, I spent Friday evening watching girls dance and cheer while catching up with old friends.

Saturday I picked up my packet for the Get Lucky 7k I'm doing in a month. I haven't run in weeks. Guess I better get back on that wagon, eh?

Miley and I had a super lazy Saturday afternoon and I took my time getting ready to meet some friends at Kari's for drinks and games. I stopped by Kowalksi's and picked up some jalapeno hummus. That stuff is basically the bomb-diggity of hummus. Highly recommend it. Since we were getting together to celebrate Bridget taking her GMAT I found it fitting to grab a bottle of bubbly. Who doesn't like a little bubbly (or a whole bottle) on any given night?

Sunday I woke up in a daze on Kari's couch, collected my things and made a necessary McD's stop on my way home. Fact: McDonald's cures all hangovers. Since I felt bad that Miley had to be in her kennel while I was gone, we napped from 9AM-3PM. It was rather glorious. Except when it was time to go to bed at 10. My brain was not having any of it.

Now it's Monday and miraculously the day is flying by.

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