Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Predict...You Will Click HERE

This here little nook of the interwebs has been turning in to a place where I just mind dump. I sit in an isolated reception area all darn day and I have some great thoughts that I need to share. And if it is only with you fine people that enjoy rambling, then so be it.

I've never stepped foot in a Lululemon store because I know I wouldn't even be able to afford a speck of dust resting on a clothes rack let alone a shirt or a pair of capris. This month Lululemon sponsored classes at Pure Barre. Each person is allowed one free class per week for the month. I've always wanted to try a Pure Barre class so I signed my self up for a class each week. I went to my first class last night and it was so different than what I expected.

First off, the girl that greeted me at the desk was incredibly friendly and showed me where the equipment is and where I can put my shoes and coat. Then I was introduced to the instructor who again was incredibly friendly and helpful. I imagined most of the class would be standing by the bar drinking dirty martinis toe tapping. When you look at a class from the outside it looks so simple. Until you are actually in the class and doing the moves, you realize it's a lot more complex than it looks. You have to remember to have a slight bend in your legs, keep your pelvis tucked and abs engaged on top of whatever move you are doing. There's a reason dancers have kick ass bodies.

If you have a Caribou where you live then I'm sure you've noticed the chalk board that has a question and guests can share their thoughts/answers. This morning my Caribou asked 'What is the Best Sport in the Winter Olympics?' Can you find my favorite sport?

You rascal you! You probably thought I said 'Atomically correct snow man competition'! With the warm weather I'll bet that snow is nice and soft it'd be perfect for snowman making. However, my favorite sport would be anything to do with snowboarding. I've never gone and I've lived in MN almost all of my life. For shame, Ali. For shame.

While at lovely 'ol Caribou I crawled out from under my rock and discovered they have a perks card and you get a free medium bevy when you register your card. If I were a fortune teller, I'd predict that a medium caramel late will be in my very near future.

One of my co-workers has a couple daughters who are Girl Scouts and it's one of the happiest times of the year. Girl Scout Cookie Season! From one Girl Scout to another, I had to support them and order a box of my favorite Samoas and Thin Mints. They even came with a special note. Did you know hearts and triangles smiled?

I was a Daisy, then a Brownie, and I can't actually remember if I was a real Girl Scout and had the green sash, but I do remember how much fun being a Brownie was. My mom was one of our troop leaders and we would put on puppet plays, make endless arts and crafts, go visit the elderly, etc. We also went to camp at Camp Ehawee. It always reminded me of Salute Your Shorts. I can still sing the theme song and it makes me miss Nick at Night. Who's Afraid of the Dark, Clarissa Explains it All. Oh, the good old days.

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  1. So glad to hear you like Pure Barre! I love barre classes...the moves do seem so simple, but they BURN and you get results (well, I still need to work on my diet- i have that working out part down, but its the diet that gets me...) Anyways, you can sometimes find lululemon stuff online on final sale, and i think there is an outlet at Albertville, though i have not been (too far of a drive for this city girl...)

    You could sign up for a snowboarding class at Hyland- my friend just did, and it was supposed to be a group lesson and she was the only one! So it was like 4 weeks of private lessons. Not too bad. But once you "get" it, I bet you'd love snowboarding!

    I also just signed up for a Caribou card for the free medium drink! Why not? Might as well get something back for all the money I spend there...

    Have a great day :)