Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dating Tips From Lilly (the dental hygienist)

It was a snowy afternoon and I was escorted to my room by Lilly, the dental hygienist. She introduced herself, and said, "I have a little accent, if you can't understand, I'm Chinese".

Lilly was probably in her upper 30's (imagine Ms. Swan from MADtv) and loved to chat and ask questions while scraping tarter off my permanent retainers.

After we shared some laughs, Lilly asked if I had a boyfriend. I shook my head no. Lilly asked if I had a husband to take care of me. I again shook my head no. Then Lilly told me that I need to take action and find a husband who will take care of me.

Here are the best dating tips from Lilly the Dental Hygienist
1. Ask your co-workers to set you up. They know more people then you do.
2. Tell your friends you are single. They will want you to be married soon (I'm pretty sure my friends know I'm single).
3. Have your parents set you up (Lilly was set up by her daddy as she called him, who was a professor). Parents know best what you need.
4. Find a young couple who is renting a room and move in with them, then ask them to set you up (Sounds kind of sketch to me).
5. Throw a party with the girls from the all girl school and boys from the all boys school (I'm not sure that would be legal).

Lilly asked that I come back in six months for my check up and to report to her that I've found a man to take care of me. 


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  2. I never realize dating tips from the Dental Hygienist. Anyhow tips you have suggested are very interesting.

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