Monday, February 3, 2014

A Peak In To My Weekend

Fun fact for you on this above zero Monday. This is only the second Monday of the year that I've worked so far. I could really get used to having 3 day weekends and 4 day work weeks. I'm not sure who decided you should only get two days of rest and fun per week, but I'm not really on board with that anymore.

This past weekend really wasn't anything to write home about. I over indulged in pizza and wine on Saturday. I figured instead of crying over something I can't change, I'll just drink a large bottle of wine. I can tell you it did help.

Saturday I was going to go out and purchase a computer. I had enough money saved up and have been going back and forth on if I should get an iPad or a laptop, and I realized I would use a laptop way more than a tablet. Besides, I already have an iPhone, and I really like playing with Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Nerd Alert!

Instead of purchasing said computer, I sat down and did my taxes to find out that I have to have a child, name it Uncle Sam and give it to the Government. At this point, I did shed tears. Lot's of ugly ones at that. Instead of going for the second large bottle of Bold Red I had just waiting for me to untwist its cap, I headed for the kitchen and made some loaded potato chips and dip. Recipe to come.

The rest of the night was spent in a greasy food coma trying to figure out why whenever I finally feel like I'm making strides and getting ahead, the world takes a giant bite out of my tuchus and I'm back to starting at square one. However, doesn't the saying go 'You're never given anything you can't handle'

For whatever reason I was feeling extremely motivated on Sunday. Maybe I was trying to show the world it can't keep me down for long? I attempted my first sock bun, which I think might become a standard Saturday/Sunday hair do. I went to the grocery store. I made some somewhat yummy cookies from the Tone It Up gals (recipe to follow on those too). I made another batch of homemade chips, only these were more chip like and less sliced potato. And I went to a friends to watch the Super Bowl and meet their new puppy. Whose name is Liam. I couldn't help but laugh when I said I couldn't wait for Miley to meet Liam!

Speaking of Miley. She kept finding herself in the mirror this weekend. It was so cute when she would catch a glimpse of herself. Miley and I have been together for six years now. When I first brought her home, she would find herself in reflections and growl. Now she just cocks her head and her little radar ears perk up.

Stay tuned this week for some recipes that were a hit for the man who likes spice and the girl who's watching her figure.

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  1. Glad you're back to blogging, I missed your posts! And I was stuck at work tip almost 9 and came home to pizza luce and lots of wine. I feel better already :)