Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cabo :Whales, Pirates & Montezuma's Revenge

After 7 glorious days of sunshine and 80 degree weather, I'm home and have been stuck inside and away from work because of the Polar Vortex that has consumed the country. Well, actually, I'm back at work today, and it feels somewhat nice to be back to a normal routine.
Back to work :(
My family has a time share and this year we chose to go to Cabo. Me, my little sister Kari and four other girls shared a two bedroom unit at Villa Del Palmar and had one helluva good time.

* If you fly out of MSP, you must start your vacation with breakfast and a mimosa with fresh orange juice at Ike's (followed by wine on the plane and mini corona's to the resort, of course).

* On our first full day in Cabo we saw dolphins playing in the water right in front of our beach chairs.

* We took a pirate ship sunset booze cruise and became bff's with some of the pirates!
Buccaneer Queen
*After dinner one night we decided to walk in to town for a night cap and we heard some yelling from a rooftop, 'Girls! Girls! PIRATES!!' We looked up and it was our buddy O'Neal from the ship! We headed upstairs for a quick beer and to hang out with our new friends.

* When we were done with the pirate ship we wandered the marina negotiating the best price for whale watching. 5 for $100 was our asking price. No one took it. But we did get a good deal non the less. Just talk to Diego, who will send you to Diego and the reservation will be under the name Diego. Totes legit.
Pacific Side from Pirate Ship
*Snorkeling off Pelican Rock is amazing yet terrifying. The fish are not afraid of people and your depth perception is way off. Warning: Objects in water are farther than they appear. 

*However, whales are much larger than they appear. In the future, spend the extra money to take a small glass bottom boat whale watching. While it may be terrifying and whale tales may make your boat rock. Do it. You won't regret it. We took a catamaran with open bar and brunch. It was lovely and we saw a lot of whales, but that up close and personal experience would probably rock my world.
*If you are traveling to Mexico with a group of girls, you'll never pay for a drink. Ever. One night while walking around downtown Cabo we were offered free drinks at every bar/club we walked by. Granted the alcohol was barely noticeable, but hey, it's a free drink.

*Beware of Seagulls. A recent study has been done showing that 3 out of 6 girls laying on a beach, will be shat upon.  A drink has even been named in that honor. I believe it was called the "Seagull Poop" drink, or something of that nature.

*Traveling with a group of girls can be a good and bad thing. Our age ranged from 26-29, so all adults, but the front desk gave us the run around by putting us in the worse room (back of the property, ground floor, looked into a cement wall). Wouldn't honor the reservation room type we reserved. And questioned our age and if we were of legal drinking age. We were by far the calmest group. Those 40-50 year old ladies like to party!
We got a new room with a great view
*Because we are time share and have nearly a full kitchen in our unit we stop at the store to get some groceries. This time I was able to find transportation that gave us 45 minutes between the airport and our resort so we didn't have to go back out after checking in. But, remember, you can always make a second trip. On our last night we were practically giving away beer.
(1/3 of the beer for the week)
*I heard a lot of people talk about how unsafe Mexico is (usually all-inclusive people afraid to leave the resort). Here's my two cents. It's only unsafe if you make it unsafe. We walked the beach to get to dinner and walked through town at night. Stay with a group, be aware of your surroundings, and be nice but assertive. Don't be rude or disrespectful. It just pisses people off.  Also, remember you are in another country. Even though most people speak English, they don't always know what you are saying or if you are trying to be sarcastic. Give them a break and try to speak their language. It goes a long way.

* Once you've made friends with a local, ask them where they like to go for dinner. We kept getting coupons for free drinks at very American restaurants where the resort was getting a kick back. We asked our buddy Diego where he goes for good seafood and he recommended a small restaurant called Tres Islas. It was very good.
Garlic crab from Tres Islas
* If you want to go to The Office, make reservations in advance. We had about a 30 minute wait. The food was good, but the prices were really high. The cheapest bottle of wine was $60. The atmosphere was fun with live music and lots of candles and lights strung about. I'd recommend going for lunch vs. dinner.

*If you are going to travel to another country, bring a pharmacist with you. I had some stomach issues and thanks to our on hand pharmacist, I got all the pills I needed to be able to enjoy my trip and only be out of commission for a day.

In conclusion, I'm freezing and I feel like my tan has already faded away. The girls and I decided that we are going to move to Cabo with all of our friends and start a woman's pirate ship. Less clothes, more booze. It's  a solid business plan.

Cabo. I miss you.

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