Thursday, January 9, 2014

40 Day Challenge: Check in

Hi Everybody.

I haven't been around these parts lately, but that doesn't mean I've fallen off the 40 Days of Fitness Challenge. I've actually been doing exceptionally well and have tweaked things a bit.

When I started to up my mileage and speed on the good ol treadmill, I was getting really bad knee pain. I've always had horrible knees growing up and I'm sure the older I get the worse my lovely knees will get. I've stepped away from my buddy Treadmill and have moved on to the elliptical during the week.

On my lunches I head down to my office building's complimentary fitness center and rock out 45 minutes of hills and high resistance on the elliptical. I've been able to get this done about 4 days out of the week. On the weekends is when me and Treadmill hang out again.

Since I actually enjoy running and signed up for a 7k in March, I didn't want to completely cross it off as a workout. Here is what I did this weekend for my Saturday and Sunday workouts.

Total calorie scorcher. I burned around 500 calories on this bad boy.

Just a little over a week to go before Mexico so I'll be keeping this up as much as I can until then.

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