Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 4 and a Christmas Link Up

Linking up with Holly and Amy to share our Christmas Traditions.

For 20-some years my Catholic family has always had a Jewish dinner a Chinese dinner. A couple of weeks before Christmas my mom, sisters, aunt and cousins gather at my parents house for what we've dubbed 'Wonton Making Day'. We chop, fold and deep fry a couple hundred wontons for our Christmas Eve meal.

My family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. Kari will usually come over early afternoon to help me set the table. Kayla and Joe come around 3:00 and we wait for the 'Other Farnham's' to arrive.

As soon as the guests arrive the house is full of laughter and conversation. Everyone gathers in the kitchen and family room with a glass of wine or beer and some snacks. Typically my deviled eggs and some fancy cheese and crackers. We mingle and catch up with each other until dinner is ready!

We make our way to the dining room, grab our plates and start plating up mounds of Chinese chicken salad, white rice, rolls, chicken and beef skewers, wontons and orange pineapple dipping sauce. TO.DIE.FOR.

Dinner always goes by way to quick with this group. After we're all stuffed to the brim we head to the living room and sit around the tree while we play a gift exchange game. After the game, we head back to the dining room for individual chocolate silk pies with raspberries and whipped cream and of course some Baileys and coffee or Amaretto.

Once our buttons are flying off our skirts the 'Other Farnham's' head off to church while we sit behind and fill up our wine glasses, pick up the dishes and fill up our glasses again.

We've always opened our family gifts to each other on Christmas Eve, so we head back in to the living room, sit around the tree and pass out gifts one by one.

No one in my immediate family has any kids, but on Christmas Eve there are three dogs in the house which makes Christmas morning all the more exciting. Once one dog wakes up he or she has to go wake up the other dogs. Much like us girls when we were younger.

Santa still visits every Christmas morning, but even to this day, at 26, 29 and 30 years old, we are not allowed to go check out our stockings/gifts until mom and dad have gone downstairs to make coffee. We dump out our stockings which are rather similar to when we were younger. Tights, chapstick, hair binders and headbands. One year Santa spoiled us with Michael Kors purses, that little rascal.

He's more practical in our gifts by giving us welcome mats, bath towels and one year a floating beer pong table. Once the unwrapping has ended we pop in some home VHS's from the mid 80's and talk about how cute we used to be while we eat Monkey Bread and enjoy mimosas.

And that is out 20-some year Christmas Eve/Morning tradition. I can't wait to celebrate this year. We will have a baby joining us!!

If you're wondering what my workout was on day 4, it was running errands and trying to survive the snow we got. Chalk that up as a big fail. Eating was a pretty big fail too.

What I ate:
-Muscle Milk protein shake
-Pepperoni pizza and small salad
-Boneless diablo wings and small salad

Hitting the gym for day 5!


  1. I always bring the deviled eggs too! :)

  2. Haha! I love the idea of a Chinese dinner for Christmas eve! When I was young, we were gone a lot over Christmas and we would always get Chinese takeout!

  3. I officially require wontons. Immediately if not sooner.