Tuesday, December 10, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 I had an hr session with Kirk and here's how it all went down:

Ladder push ups starting at 15 working down to 1 and finished with toe push ups to failure.

After 5 minutes of push up hell we moved into our circuit workout:

1 Minute each move, 3 times
V-sit twist with 10 lb weight
Toe touches (laying down, hands to your side, sit up and touch your toes)
Leg raises
Flutter kicks (make sure to move the whole leg, not just from the knees)
Leg raise, toe touch with 10 lb weight (keep legs raised and reach for toes)

30 sec. each move, 3 times
Laying on a bench, sit up, jump, lay down, keeping your feet on the ground the whole time except when you jump
Sitting on a bench, stand up on one foot keeping the opposite foot off the ground, repeat. Switch legs after 30 sec.
Bench push ups
Triceps dips

1 Min, 1 time
Plie squats with heel touch
Single leg lateral box jump (short box)
Single leg lateral box jump (tall box)

No Garmin pic, but I murdered about 380 calories in this 55 min workout.

What I ate:
-Protein shake. Usual Muscle Milk powder and Almond Milk
-Lunch was left over green beans and broccoli chicken alfredo
-Small bowl of chili, no cheese, sour cream or crackers. Blah.

I know it's only been 9 days since I've started my little challenge, but let me tell you I am beyond frustrated. It seems that every time I get on the workout wagon the scale just goes up and up and up. I'm trying not to focus on what that says because it is getting really discouraging and I know that if I just keep watching what I put in my pie whole and keep moving for an hour every day, that I will see the results I want and need to see.

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  1. I've often found that when I started a super intense workout routine that I was RAVENOUS. What IS that?