Monday, December 9, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 8

Day 8 was simple. I woke up at 9:00 which is very odd for me. I'm usually up before the sun and have a hard time falling back to bed. Since it was already late in the morning I headed downstairs, turned on the tube and jumped on the treadmill. I've been really sore lately and I think it's from the sub-zero temps getting in all these workouts.

Father of the Bride was on, so I walked for about an hr and it looked something like this.

Min 1-10 3.7/2.0 incline
Min 10-20 3.7/ 3.0 incline
Min 20-30 3.7/4.0 incline
Min 30-40 3.7/5.0 incline
Min 40-50 3.7/6.0 incline
Min 50-55 cool down

I spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping with my mom and little sister. I tell you what. I do not enjoy shopping and trying on clothes all day long. BUT, I did find some great items that will soon be wrapped and patiently waiting for me under the Christmas tree. I love the Albertville Outlets, especially this time of year when everything is 50-60% off. It makes me and my checking account much happier.

There's not much of a weekend to recap since I really didn't do much of anything except make sure to get my work outs in each day! I'm honestly quite pleased with myself in making these workouts a priority and not giving up. I notice I just feel better physically and mentally when I do some sort of physical activity. I also get much better nights rest...maybe that's why I managed to sleep in until 9:00 on Sunday morning?

I have a session with Kirk tonight and I'm sure it'll be another ass kicking, per usual. It'll be nice to go in to the gym tonight and let him know I've actually worked out every day since our last session!

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