Friday, December 6, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 was a little special. I went to see Kirk at 4:30 which was awesome because the first 30 minutes I got him mano y mano. That would probably double the cost of what I'm paying now if I always had him one on one. I think I'm going to start going Thursdays at 4:30 though which is a huge win for me!

I was still pretty sore from Monday's work out so I definitely struggled through, but I made it!

Here's how the hour session went down.

Circuit 1 ('boxing')
20 times - left, right, squat
20 - single leg lateral jump (over a bench)
20 times - left, left, BIG right, squat
20 - single leg lateral jump (over a bench)
20 times, left, right, squat
20 - single leg lateral jump (over a bench)

20 push ups (against a bench)
20 triceps dips
15 push ups (against a bench)
20 triceps dips
10 push ups (against a bench)
10 triceps dips

Circuit 2 x 3 (1 min each)
V Sit with single arm press (30 sec each arm. 15 lbs)
Bicycle hold (10 sec each leg, 10 sec fast for 1 min).
V sit cross over with 8 lbs

20 Straddle jumps (sets the time for the following two exercises)
Push ups
Jump Lunges

For whatever reason my Garmin goofed and combined Tuesdays and Thursdays workouts, so, even though I wish I worked out for 1:27 and burned 731 calories, I only worked out for 55 minutes and burned 452 calories.

What I ate:
-Usual protein shake with Muscle Milk protein powder and Almond Milk
-Mrs. Fields sugar cookie (this cookie makes me close my eyes and smile it's so good)
-6 inch wheat meatball marinara with American cheese (only ate the bottom part of the bread)
-String cheese
-Slice of meatloaf, small scoop of mashed potatoes, green beans, salad

Do you wear a heart rate monitor? Kirk mentioned my heart rate seemed high at 202 after our first circuit. It didn't really phase me because any time I'm on a machine with a hear rate monitor it always tells me to slow down because my heart rate is too high. He took my pulse and said it seemed accurate. He mentioned if he got his HR to 200 he'd probably be on the ground. I'm curious what makes my heart rate so high when I work out?

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  1. Okay, I'm a little winded just READING your workout routine!