Wednesday, December 4, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 3

December 3 = day 3 of my 40 Day's of Fitness Challenge. If you feel so inclined, jump on the bandwagon and share what you're eating and what type of workouts you are doing to curb the inevitable Holiday weight gain.

My mom cleaned and rearranged their basement to make it more 'workout friendly' with a treadmill, stationary bike, weights, etc. It'll make heading down there and getting in a work out a little more enticing. She also suggested that we go through the month of December without alcohol except for on Christmas. I quickly shunned her and sent her to a corner with a dunce hat on. I kid.

We are going to go alcohol free in the house Mondays through Thursdays. It's really not a big deal for me to not drink during the week. Sometimes I feel there's hardly any time in the day to uncork a bottle of vino and actually sit down and enjoy it before it's time to rest my head for the night.

Here's day three's work out:
I did this work out from the Tone It Up Girls with a slight modification. I was running short on time. During the Kick Start portion, I walked 2 min, sprinted 1 min, walked 2 min. Go Long, I switched up the lunges and did squats and sit-ups in my 2nd and 3rd circuits. Ramp It Up, I did 30 sec. sprint, 30 sec off (my treadmill would take 30 sec to change the speed), and I did that 4 times.

What I ate:
-Usual protein shake with Muscle Milk protein powder and Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk.
-Subway 6" spicy Italian on wheat with pickles, black olives, lettuce, American cheese, light mayo. I may have accidentally picked up a bag of Doritos, but they are still sitting on my desk. I felt mucho guilty.
-Taco Tuesday at Nico's with the Cabo girls! This means too many chips, half of a delicious burrito (no dairy) and a glass or two of vino.

Now let me share with you these cute items I snagged this week.

TL: Target (Currently buy one get one 50% off)
C: Forever 21 (No longer available) Cut out sides and print make this dress perfect for Cabo!
TR: Target (on clearance in store)
BL: Target
BR: Target

I was one of the lucky ones to nab the 40% off one item Cartwheel deal today and topped it off with $5 off $25 woman's clothing purchase. If you haven't downloaded Cartwheel on to your phone yet, please do. We all know everyone has a Target addiction and Cartwheel has really great coupons that you keep on your phone and they just scan your phone at the checkout. No coupons to cut. Totes simple.

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