Tuesday, December 3, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 2

Hello and welcome to the snow globe I'm currently living in. It is December so I am not allowed to complain about the snow, but I don't want it...not yet at least.

December 1 I had every intention of starting my 40 day challenge with a run/walk for an hr on the treadmill. It did not happen. Instead I was summoned to St. Paul where I was forced to have a good time whilst drinking hard cider and chatting with friends.

December 2 is here and I've been thinking about how I can get out of my training session allll day. Isn't it weird how long it takes to make a habit and actually enjoy it, but how quickly you can fall off the wagon? I hate getting back on, but I guess if we never got back on that horse, we'd all be very fat, unsuccessful people who walked around with our heads hung low. For shame.

Side note: When I was younger I took riding lessons and I was bucked off the horse when I was learning to ride bare back. Guess what? I got back on! Eventually riding and mounting the horse bare back was one of my favorite things. This could sound horribly horrible if taken out of context.

I went to my training session and per usual it was a complete ass kicker. Here's the low down:

Circuit 1 x 4
1 Min side shuffle
1 Min long jump (long jumps with feet together)
1 Min Squats with band
1 Min V sit-ups
1 Min Spider Man Lunge Push up (stand up after the lunge and repeat on the other side)

Circuit 2 x 2
30 Sec toe push ups, 30 sec knee push ups, 10 sec hold 90 degrees push up position
30 Sec body weight squats, 30 sec jump squats, 10 sec hold 90 degree squat position
30 Sec lunges, 30 second jump lunges, 10 sec hold lunge
30 Sec bicep curl, 30 sec bicep curl from 90 degrees, 10 sec hold at 90 degrees (10 lb weight)
30 Sec laying down triceps extension, 30 sec sitting triceps extension

I'm so sore today from those damn V sit-ups.

Generally, eating was pretty good. Started the day with my usual protein shake of chocolate Muscle Milk protein powder with original un-sweetened Almond Milk. Lunch was a D'Brians salad with apples, chicken, romaine hearts and walnuts, followed by dinner at the ungodly hr of 9:00 PM. It was broccoli, chicken and cream of chicken with some cheese baked in the oven.

And because no post is complete without some pictures, here you go.

Thanksgiving morning at the cabin
View of the frozen lake
 Best Buds
 Birthday Girl!

Ok, so no post is complete without a ton of dog pictures. Trust me, they are much cuter than me and the deer head that was left on our side deck. No worries. It was returned to its rightful owner.

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