Wednesday, December 18, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: I had my small group training session and I was definitely sweating.

1 min x 4 (30 sec. rest in between)

*shuttle with 2 15 lb kettle bells
*stationary lunges with 15 lb weights
*push up with side crunch
*Bosu ball sit ups
*squat with resistance band

1 min x 4 (30 sec rest in between)

*box jumps
*tricep pulls
*tire flip
*squat press with 15 lbs
*TRX bands - arms out straight, palms in

I liked the variation in this work out. I have about 6 sessions left until my trip, so I'm going to up my game a little. Today is the three month mark from Cabo. I know I can't get the beach body I want in that time, but I can sure as hell try my hardest.

No breakfast - FAIL
Homemade veggie soup - spinach, carrots, green beans, peas, potatoes, navy beans, onions
Snack - cinnamon roll
Dinner - 1/2 steak burrito, chips and salsa, vino verde

I have two Jillian Michaels DVD's that I'm going to rotate through. My goal is to do one every morning before work. Since they are 30 minutes, I should be able to make that work. It'll force me out of bed and actually get my butt moving. I've been hitting that snooze button way to long these last few days.


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