Friday, December 13, 2013

40 Day Challenge: Day 12

Day 12 I met with Kirk for my small group training session. It was a butt kicker per usual.

The first circuit was with the bosu ball. I love those things.

1 min x 3
Bosu ball burpees with a hop on top
Side plank on ball while punching with the other arm. 30 sec each side
Elbow to knee sit ups on bosu ball. 1 min each side
Squat pulses. Regular, toes out, regular
Push ups with triangle hands on bosu ball
Plank pop ups on bosu ball

5 Min treadmill at 15 incline as fast as you can go

1 min x 3
Bicep press with resting above the head
Jump pull ups
Mountain climbers
Triceps pulls

Happy Friday everyone! Just over a week until Christmas. Today I get to drop off the mound of gifts my company purchased for a family that we adopted this year. It's been a crappy morning, my car window won't go up, so it's nice to be going some good for a family in need. At least I have a car and a family that will bring me a car to use for the day. It's the small things.

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