Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding and a Burger

I feel like just when I was getting in to this whole 'blogger' thing, I lost complete interest. Ok, maybe not interest, but lack of inspiration. Yes, that's it. Lack of inspiration. I don't know what inspired me to write before, but I go through writing funks. You should see all my diaries and journals from centuries past. I'd write for a good stretch, bare my soul, and then the pages would remain empty and the cover dusty until my funk went away or I met some super duper boy who smiled at me and I thought I had to write that down so I could re-read about the moment 50 years down the road.

Any-hoo. I did go to a spectacular wedding over the weekend and we had Sister Dinner this week. Two things I'd like to remember, so let's recap, shall we?

Friday morning I picked up some wine, champs and coffee and headed over to Kari and Kates so we could head East to Milwaukee. We arrived around 4:00 and quickly checked into the hotel before the girls had to leave for rehearsal. I bummed around in the room curling my hair and taking really creative pictures of wine, and then of course, drank said wine.

If you like red's, totes check this stuff out. It's been my new go-to wine. I'm usually a cab or merlot drinker, but this Big Bold Red is a bit fruitier and more smooth. Love it.

Tim and Lauren arrived and we decided we'd walk to Water Street and find a place for dinner. We checked out a couple of menu's and decided on Distil. The food that I had wasn't anything super special. I had a cobb salad, (pretty standard) and we all started with the cheese curds (always amazing in WI), but the atmosphere and cocktails are definitely worth checking out.

After dinner we walked down to the Metro Hotel for $5 martinis and decided we needed to go dancing. After checking out a couple of clubs/bars we finally settled on Apartment 720. It's this single wooden door most people would probably just walk past, then you climb some steep stairs and boom, party time! We danced til close and wandered back to our hotel where Tim steam rolled Kari (it's not dirty trust me.) and then we proceeded to stuff our face holes with the best pizza from Toppers while sitting Indian style on the floor of the room.

Next thing we new it was Saturday morning. While trying to put ourselves together, we stumbled across a cock roach on the floor. Gross. I stopped by the front desk to let them know and they credited us with $50 for food. So we went to breakfast, loaded up our plates with everything we possibly could from the buffet. When we got back to our room, the roach was still there even though the cleaners had already been through to clean the room. Not very thorough, eh? So, management came up finally and got the little bugger we named Charlie. As the manager was taking Charlie away he said he would be back with some champagne for the room! Boom!
We toasted to Charlie and thanked him for the champs. Soon after or toast it was time to head to the church.  
The church was gorgeous and so was the ceremony. I just don't understand why us Catholics have to have an hour long service? All that kneeling, standing, sitting, repeat after me. It's a lot to take in.

We had a couple of hours to kill between the ceremony and the reception so we all met back at the hotel and my cousin Jaime and her husband Nathan met us at the hotel bar for some beers. It was so fun to actually be able to meet up with them.

Unfortunately, the last shuttle to the reception site was waiting and we had to say 'see ya later', but now it was reception time!! My favorite part of weddings, except for when the bride walks down the aisle and when the bride and groom are announced husband and wife.

The reception was at the Milwaukee Club which is a stunning venue. It's an old club downtown Milwaukee and we were in the ballroom upstairs. You know how most weddings you go to you always have something you think could have been done better? Not this one. From the photo booth and food to the bar, music, and even the guests, it was perfect. Bridget and Andy have been planning this event for over a year and they definitely got all the big and small details right. for some reception pictures.

Ball Room
Beautiful couple 
Table 10!
Kari and I
Minneapolis crew in Milwaukee!
I must add that this was the tallest wedding of all time. Andy, the groom is the runt of his family at 6'8". His father and brothers are all 7'. Same with Bridget. She is the shortest in her family at 5'8" and her father is also pushing 7'. I had such a great time celebrating the love and marriage of Andy and Bridget!


Sister Dinner - Juicy Lucy #2

Last night Kayla, Kari and I met at Vincent's for what he dubs a 'Vincent Burger'. It's totes amazeballs (totes hope people reading this know I don't actually use totes and amazeballs in real life). 

We started with some wine and poutine before digging in to our Vincent Burgers which are ground beef stuffed with braised short ribs and smoked gouda. Tell me your mouth isn't just salivating right now?

Vincent's is a French restaurant, so you wouldn't typically think to go there for a burger, but it's one of the best burgers I've ever had. I've been to Vincent's several times and they never disappoint. The food is always excellent, the service is top notch and the atmosphere is warm and inviting yet sleek.

If you can make it on time, you can also get the Vincent Burger as a happy hour special. Double score for you and your wallet.

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  1. Yikes! What hotel did you stay at in Milwaukee? that cockroach is nasty, but at least they tried to make it up to you....