Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life Adventures Before 30

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on us out of nowhere and being like 'Hey! Stop waiting around and make shit happen!'  Ok, Life, I hear you.

It took a long time to put back together the pieces of a shattered heart. It took a long time to know what true friends are. It took a long time to know what it really means to be happy with myself.

Well, Life. My heart is whole. My friends are true. I am happy with me. Let's get to the fun stuff shall we?

This coming year is going to be a big year. In August I turn 30. In August I'll be 100% debt free. It will also mark three years of not using a single credit card and only living off what I make. It's been hard, but it showed me I don't need much and if I really want something, usually a vacation, a little sacrifice goes a long way.

I'm not going to make a 30 before 30 list. I am however, going to make a list of items on my bucket list to do each month leading up to August 2014. I hope someone will join me on these little outings!

1. Join a Wine Club- My fav liquor store, Sid's, has a Wine Club I'm most certainly going to look in to.

2. Take a vacation - already booked and on the calendar. Cabo - January 2014!!

3. Sit in a green cushioned seat at a Twins game.

4. Plan a 'cocktail' party at your new apartment this Spring (or earlier if the stars align).

5. Go to a show at Bryant Lake Bowl.

6. Take a cooking class.

7. Go ice skating at the Depot or Rice Park.

8. Go to a vineyard.

9. Take a photography class

10. Kick ass. Take names.


Finally, I have a great kettle bell workout for anyone that wants to walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I did this workout on my own last night since the other girls in my small group hadn't done the workout I did on Monday. I will definitely be doing this again when I'm looking for a good sweat session or a pick me up.

Do each set for 1 min with 20 seconds rest x 4

Circuit 1
15 lbs squats
15 lbs single arm press
20 lbs single leg dead lift ( 1 min each side)
25 lbs sumo squat high pull

Circuit 2
20 lbs squat with figure eight
20 lbs single arm row ( 1 min each side)
20 lbs kettle bell pushup
25 lbs kettle bell swing

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  1. Those 30 by 30 lists are everywhere and they're really starting to make me feel bad about getting daytime drunk.