Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Review - A Wedding

This past weekend was such a blast, I wish I could do it all over again.

Saturday morning I hopped in my little Tiburon and drove up to Fargo, ND. This drive felt a lot longer than my Milwaukee drive (1) I was alone and (2) there is absolutely nothing along the way to entertain you for 200 miles. So I made my own fun by whipping out my old CD's and having a little boy band tribute with the fella's of 98 degrees and Backstreet Boys.

I arrived at the hotel around 11:30 but wasn't able to check in for a couple hours so I headed across the street to this charming little pub I found called Apple Bee's. I enjoyed a nice large beer with my bacon sandwich. Yes, a bacon sandwich, BLT minus the T. Yuck.

Since I couldn't check in to my hotel until after the wedding I finished getting dressed in my car, super classy, and a public restroom. Gross.

When I got to the church I ran in to a couple I had met at the bachelorette party and we were able to sit together. The church was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony was great. I love going to weddings where the Father actually knows the couple and can speak well about them, and theirs did just that.

After the ceremony I ran back to the hotel to check in and meet one of the girls that was staying with us in the room. I had some free time while waiting and there was tailgating going on right outside my window so I opened a bottle of bubbly, turned on the radio and had a mini dance party for 1 while waiting for Lindsey to arrive.

Once Lindsey arrived we headed over to the reception sight which was right across the street form the hotel at the Fargo Air Museum.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they ran out of wine right before dinner, so to get a break from the heat a couple of us wandered across the parking lot to that charming pub I spoke of earlier for some big ol beers and a couple shots to get us more prepped for the dancing that was to come.

When the dancing was done and the lights turned back on, we headed out to the bars. At this point in the night, I really need to learn to listen to my head and just go to bed, but did I listen to myself? Certainly not. We jumped from bar to bar and eventually ended up at a tiny little house party. And by tiny, I mean there were 6 of us drinking beers on a deck.

I'm pretty sure I saw day break when we were heading back to the hotel. Amanda, Lindsey and I stayed for lunch and lucky Lindsey was flying home to MO, mean while Amanda and I had to drive back to Minneapolis. At least I had a passenger on the ride home. It was a struggle to keep my eyes open.

I wish I had friends that got married every weekend.

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