Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Review: Apples!

Friday evening was pretty low key, I convinced my parents to go out to dinner so we hit up my old stomping grounds and had dinner at the Green Mill. Way back when, me and my sisters all worked there. After dinner I went and had a drink with an old friend. We used to enjoy a lot of wine together, but he's moved on to more sophisticated drinking and convinced me to try a dirty martini. I think I'll stick with my wine.

Saturday I trucked my butt down stairs to the treadmill and got in a 5 mile workout. 1 Mile warm-up jog, followed by walk 1/4 mile, run hard 1 mile. As a cool down I took Miley for a walk.

I met some friends later in the day to go to an apple orchard. We decided on Fireside Orchard and Gardens in Northfield, but since none of us had eaten lunch yet, we stopped at a little restaurant on the river called Froggy Bottoms.

I always enjoy trying out new restaurants in small towns. The service might be a tad slower than I'm used to, but the food is usually better. After we stuffed our bellies we headed off to the orchard to pick some apples. They only had Haralson apples ready to pick. There was a lot of tree climbing, apple tossing, and apple eating! After everyone filled their bags we headed inside to purchase some more goodies. They had cheese, fudge, pies, caramel apples and so much more! I settled on two types of fudge, a peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla, and then vanilla, caramel and pecan fudge. I also got some beef jerky and aged cheddar that the farm makes.

On the way home from apple picking, I found myself on the side of the road with my check engine light on. I swear, some day I'm going to live somewhere where I can take public transportation everywhere or walk everywhere. I'm so tired of dealing with cars. And, I really don't like to drive, so I'd see that move as a win-win.

With my car having troubles, again, I found my self in a pickle since I was supposed to be heading to Big Lake to see my cousins. Luckily, I live with my parents who let me use one of their cars for the night. I always enjoy going up to Big Lake. My cousins neighborhood would be ideal if I was married and had kids. All their friends live on their block. We had a bon fire, played some yard games and late moved in to the garage for some thrilling games of land mine and titty cup. Yes, titty cup. Similar to beer pong, only this game you bounce the ball and have to use your titties to get the ball in the cup. It was awesome.

Sunday's are meant for sleeping in and that's just what I did. Mom and I made a short trip to Costco where I realized I can get a 4 pound bag of Muscle Milk protein powder for just $20 compared to the $21 I spent at Target for the 1 pound tub I purchased. Kari was dog sitting Porter, so she brought him over to watch the Vikings completely suck, again. After the game, we took the dogs for a walk, it was absolutely stunning outside for the first day of Fall. We were stalked by some dog that looked like a lion. Seriously, it would not leave us alone and neither Porter or Miley like other dogs all up in their business, so this was just super annoying for a good portion of our walk.

It was just the weekend I needed where I got to sleep in my own bed every night and just relax and do what ever my heart desired during the day.

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