Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Review: Apples!

Friday evening was pretty low key, I convinced my parents to go out to dinner so we hit up my old stomping grounds and had dinner at the Green Mill. Way back when, me and my sisters all worked there. After dinner I went and had a drink with an old friend. We used to enjoy a lot of wine together, but he's moved on to more sophisticated drinking and convinced me to try a dirty martini. I think I'll stick with my wine.

Saturday I trucked my butt down stairs to the treadmill and got in a 5 mile workout. 1 Mile warm-up jog, followed by walk 1/4 mile, run hard 1 mile. As a cool down I took Miley for a walk.

I met some friends later in the day to go to an apple orchard. We decided on Fireside Orchard and Gardens in Northfield, but since none of us had eaten lunch yet, we stopped at a little restaurant on the river called Froggy Bottoms.

I always enjoy trying out new restaurants in small towns. The service might be a tad slower than I'm used to, but the food is usually better. After we stuffed our bellies we headed off to the orchard to pick some apples. They only had Haralson apples ready to pick. There was a lot of tree climbing, apple tossing, and apple eating! After everyone filled their bags we headed inside to purchase some more goodies. They had cheese, fudge, pies, caramel apples and so much more! I settled on two types of fudge, a peanut butter, chocolate and vanilla, and then vanilla, caramel and pecan fudge. I also got some beef jerky and aged cheddar that the farm makes.

On the way home from apple picking, I found myself on the side of the road with my check engine light on. I swear, some day I'm going to live somewhere where I can take public transportation everywhere or walk everywhere. I'm so tired of dealing with cars. And, I really don't like to drive, so I'd see that move as a win-win.

With my car having troubles, again, I found my self in a pickle since I was supposed to be heading to Big Lake to see my cousins. Luckily, I live with my parents who let me use one of their cars for the night. I always enjoy going up to Big Lake. My cousins neighborhood would be ideal if I was married and had kids. All their friends live on their block. We had a bon fire, played some yard games and late moved in to the garage for some thrilling games of land mine and titty cup. Yes, titty cup. Similar to beer pong, only this game you bounce the ball and have to use your titties to get the ball in the cup. It was awesome.

Sunday's are meant for sleeping in and that's just what I did. Mom and I made a short trip to Costco where I realized I can get a 4 pound bag of Muscle Milk protein powder for just $20 compared to the $21 I spent at Target for the 1 pound tub I purchased. Kari was dog sitting Porter, so she brought him over to watch the Vikings completely suck, again. After the game, we took the dogs for a walk, it was absolutely stunning outside for the first day of Fall. We were stalked by some dog that looked like a lion. Seriously, it would not leave us alone and neither Porter or Miley like other dogs all up in their business, so this was just super annoying for a good portion of our walk.

It was just the weekend I needed where I got to sleep in my own bed every night and just relax and do what ever my heart desired during the day.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Despite being insanely busy and ridiculously slow at the same time this week, it's flown by pretty quick. So, Friday, thank you for arriving in a timely fashion. I appreciate you.

What were some of my favorite things to happen this week?

1. We booked our resort for Cabo January 2014!! It's just a handful of girls getting away for some shenanigans, sun, sand and cerveza's!! My family went in 2010 but we didn't do much, so I'm sure this time will be quite different.

View from our room in Cabo 2010
2. I got a good ass whippin twice this week. I'm really happy that I decided to sign up for some small group training sessions. Every day I feel stronger and a little better about my self. I've been sticking to my meal plan about 75%. If you are looking for a delish breakfast smoothie, may I suggest 1 scoop Muscle Milk Light Chocolate, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk and a cup of frozen strawberries (On my meal plan).

3. No plans. I have no plans this weekend that will take me out of town. I have never been more excited to stay home, sleep in in my own bed, watch tv all day if I so desire, and just recharge. Traveling the last couple of weekends has really taken a toll on me.

4. While I don't have plans to go out of town, I do have plans to go to an apple orchard tomorrow to pick some apples. The thing I'm most excited about, is wearing a thick scarf, boots, and smelling the Fall air. The beautiful thing about living in Minnesota is that we have 4 distinct seasons, albeit some are longer than others (winter, I'm looking at you), I absolutely appreciate the change of seasons.

5. Movies/TV. I just watched Orange is the New Black and I'm just itching for season two to come out. I also just found out this week (because I've been living under a rock), that they are making Gone Girl a movie! I absolutely L.O.V.E.D. that book and basically every other book by Gillian Flynn. I might have to read it again before the movie comes out. I have a feeling the movie just won't do the book justice, but Reese Witherspoon is producing the movie, so I have some faith in her.\

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Small Group Training

Last night was my third session with Kirk. If I were to tell you that even typing today didn't hurt, I would be lying.

I look 4 months preggo. Gross. That's a wine baby.
We all warmed up on the treadmill while he finished with the group before us then we went in to two different circuit workouts.

The first one was 1 min each station for three rounds.

Run with 25 lb. weights
V-sit hold
Front/Side raises alternating (10 lbs)
Bar bell bent over row

We had a quick water break and moved in to our second workout.

Same as above. 5 Stations, 1 min each station for three rounds.

Mountain climbers
Dumb bell bent over row (both arms) (10 lbs)
Rotational chest press (15 lbs)
Jump squats with weights (10 lbs)
Dumb bell bicep curls with v-sit (10 lbs)

I feel so good after these workouts (I know, it was only my third session). I have my 4th session tomorrow since I didn't make it in at all last week due to not feeling well and pulling my hamstring.

I have a pretty detailed meal plan that I am trying to follow the best that I can. I've been pretty good this week with not over eating, and not falling for the internal bets I place with myself. You know 'If you get the board book to the printers by 3 today, you can have a chocolate bar'. Instead, I ate a banana and a hand full of unsalted cashews.

My two biggest motivators right now are the Mexican vacation I have coming up in January, and the fact that Fall is near and I need new work pants, but I'm not getting a double digit pant size this year.


You might have noticed, this little ticker is actually moving now too!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Review: She said 'YES!'

This weekend was definitely one for the books. For a couple of weeks now, we knew there was a secret agenda, and that we had to be at the cabin this weekend. My cousin was getting engaged! The weekend started like most do. My family had a fire at our place, drank too much and got in to some heated discussions that only come about when it's late and we've found ourselves at the bottom of the bottle.

Saturday comes around and it's a new day. It's THE day! My cousin Pam came up and she had no idea that there was a special event going on later that night. When we told her what was going on, she jumped for joy and I'm pretty sure had she kept jumping, she would have jumped through the ceiling. We got together with Erin and Obrian and we all went for a hike in the woods.

There wasn't a whole lot to see, but we did scare off a very large deer. Pam said it had the biggest rack she's ever seen, so that should tell you it was pretty big. When we got in the car after the second trail, we came across an eagle that was dragging a porcupine across the road. It was so cool! Have you ever seen an eagle on the ground only a few feet from you? It stood at least 3 feet tall and it's wing span was half the road. Just beautiful.

After our hike, we headed back to our cabin to play some lawn games. Giant Jenga has been such a huge hit this summer. Our fist game lasted nearly an hour and was as tall as most of us. I'd say we average 5'8". The best thing was, no one lost! The wind knocked it down, womp, womp. We moved on to bags before Erin and OB had to head back to their side of the lake for dinner.

Just as we were making dinner, the rain came, and never stopped. We had 'plans' to go to the Kotoski's after dinner for one last boat ride and a fire, but instead, Erin, OB and Amy came over to our cabin to play some Apple's to Apple's. My mom was in her room 'not feeling well' and after only 20 minutes, came out and asked if everyone could leave (as she was smirking) because she wasn't feeling well. So, Erin, OB and Amy headed back and as they pulled out of site, we loaded up the truck and met Erin's family at the Hertle Turtle (a gas station/restaurant/casino).

OB drove Erin and Amy to their cabin and when Erin got out of the car, into the pouring rain, Amy jumped in the front seat and her and OB met everyone else at the Hertle Turtle while Erin walked up to her cabin to find Tony waiting under the gazebo, surrounded with candles, and a ring in his hand!

When we got the 'all-clear' we all met at the Kotoski cabin to celebrate with champagne and dessert and bombard Erin and Tony with all the typical questions, have you set a date? What are your wedding colors? Where are you getting married? Can I officiate?

The thing about Erin and Tony, is that they are that couple who you know will be together. When we all first met him, it was obvious that he was it, he was the one. I'm so happy it only took a year for them to get to this point because I can't wait to celebrate with them at their wedding.

Sunday we all just got up and headed home so we could make it back in time to watch the Vikings lose.

I am so happy that our family got to be a part of such a special day for Erin and Tony. This will be a weekend I definitely won't forget.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday, I love you

Ah, Friday! My second favorite day of the week. The last couple of days have been a struggle because I was still recovering from the late nights over the weekend, but I stuck with it and survived another thrilling week of work. So, let's recap some of my favorite things of the week, shall we?

1. It's Friday, so obviously that's a favorite. I'm heading up to the cabin after work today and it'll most likely be the last weekend we are able to take a boat ride or play in the water. That just means that we get to play yard games and have fires burning all day.

2. I would like to designate all Fall Fridays as Flannel Friday! I love me a good flannel and I just picked up this cute shirt from JCP the other day. I was eyeing it at the store last week, but couldn't justify buying it. But then I got a 25% off coupon and it was already on sale for 25% off, so basically, it was free and I love practically free anything.

3. I love Target. I go there probably 5 times a week because there is one downtown and every day I find myself needing something from Target. Well, Target HQ is also downtown and twice a year they have a large meeting at the Target Center. The whole city is flooded with red and khaki. I seriously thought they were about to take over the world.  My two sisters work for Target and they get to go to this meeting and this year guess who was there?? JUSTIN flipping TIMBERLAKE! Oh, you know AND Luke Bryan AND Bruno Mars. Just another day in the live of a Target employee I guess.

4. The X Factor. I have never been a big fan of this show but yesterday I found myself with some downtime between loads of laundry so I watched for a little bit and Oh My Gosh! I cried. Not just a tear down the cheek, I mean, cried! Happy cries of course. Some of the people that walked on stage, you would just write them off by their looks, then they would open their mouths and sing and just blow you away.

and because these two gave me serious chills, here's another one

Plus they are so effing cute!

5. This song. I'm o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. I wish it was 15 minutes longer.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sister Dinner: Matt's Bar

Last night I picked up Kari from work and headed to South Minneapolis for some Jucy Lucy's at Matt's Bar.

We arrived a little earlier than Kayla so we found a booth and made ourselves comfortable. When the server came over to ask if we were ready to order, we said we were waiting for our sister but would take a couple beers. As she turned away to get our beers, she immediately stopped in her tracks, looked at us and said, 'you two are sisters?' She looked and me, then at Kari, back at me, and back at Kari. She just couldn't put us together until we smiled. Farnham girls have bally cheeks.
When Kayla arrived, the server came back for our order and was able to see the resemblance. It's funny that Kayla is the link between the three of us.
Anyway, we went to Matt's Bar for Jucy Lucy's. Matt's is a very simple restaurant with only a handful of items on the menu, about 20 tables/booths, and the food comes out in wrappers, not on plates (except the french fries, they come in a basket).

If you are not aware of what a Jucy/Juicy Lucy is, it's a hamburger stuffed with cheese. Delish! Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club have an ongoing battle about who is the originator of the Juicy Lucy, which one is best, and how to actually spell the name of the burger.

This burger was so, so, so good. I honestly don't think we talked the whole time we ate. From the very first bit, the cheese oozed out like molten lava. There wasn't a bite that didn't have cheese in it either.
I've tried making my own version of a Juicy Lucy, and it has never come out this amazing.

When we left Matt's, all the tables were full and there was a line of folks waiting for something to open up, so when you go, get there early and bring cash.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Simple Ramblings

Do you ever have one of those days where you have the dumbest thoughts/ideas and you really want to post it somewhere just to get it out of your head but you also hate the people that change their status every 30 minutes? Ok, so maybe that is just me and since you've decided to stop here, because you didn't get the Get Out of Jail Free Card, you get to suffer enjoy my simple ramblings as of late.

** Swearing. I grew up as a good little Catholic girl, went to church nearly every day, said our prayers before dinner, etc. I once wrote in my diary, that was full of all of my 11 year old secrets, that my sister was a butt head. You want to know what happened? I got a bar of soap in the mouth. One time we didn't have bar soap, so I got a pump of soap. That was awful.

The only time we were allowed to swear, and by swear I mean say words like damn or hell, was when we would drive past the lock and dam or when we took a road trip through South Dakota and stopped in Wall Drug where we picked up bumper stickers that said 'Where the Hell is Wall Drug'. We thought we were so clever.

Fast forward and we start throwing F bombs biatches out like they were candy. Then I met a fella who had a young lady in his life who picked up on every. single. word. you. said. I remember bringing this little lady home one year for the holidays and my mom slipped and said 'crap' or something. The adults roles were reversed and I had to lecture my family about watching what they say.

The thing is, little people these days are just born with dirty mouths. I would ask if someone tooted and the little lady would correct me while laughing at the fact that I said toot and not fart. Personally I think fart is such a dumb word and it makes me cringe the way the word moist makes most people squirm. I'm proud to be 29 and still asking if someone tooted and not swearing like a sailor. I think girls think they sound pretty smart and educated when every other word out of their mouth is a swear word. Don't get me wrong though, there are most certainly times where the only good comment/answer is a good ol FU*K!

** I checked my bank account today and somehow have an extra $200 dollars then I had yesterday. I love free money as much as the next person, but can someone please tell me how this happened and if this money will be staying with me until I find something fun to spend it on?

** Dating. For the last couple of weeks, Facebook has been plastering my page with dating ads. Ads for single cowboys, farmers, fathers, bikers, black men, Christians, etc. It obviously doesn't know me that well.

After I broke up with Andy I decided to just not think about dating or meeting some, but just having fun. I've met some people, gone on a couple of dates, but nothing has come of any of that. I want to meet someone who I actually want to talk to and see every day. Someone I'm not embarrassed to introduce to my friends/family. Someone who I think about when I'm out. And preferably someone who lives within 15-20 miles of my current location. You would think that wouldn't be too hard to ask for. For now, I'm just going to keep making plans and living life. It's the only one I have. And someday, someone will fall into the open space in my heart and head I have reserved just for them.

** I'm proud to say that after coming off two back to back out of town, wedding related weekends, I'm finally down in the weight category. I've seen my trainer only two times, but he gives me homework to do between sessions and wrote out a rather detailed meal plan for me to follow. It was fun to slip on a pair of pants this morning that were a bit snug just three weeks ago. It's about progress, not perfection. First goal. Get down to half marathon weight. Looks like I'm on the right track!

** In a year I'll be 30. In a year I'll be 100% debt free. In a year, I feel like I will need a big change. I was talking with my mom a couple weeks ago about exploring the idea of moving. Not to another state, but another country. I've grown enough in myself in the last couple of years, to not be afraid to pick up and start something new, even if it's just for a year. Anyone have any tips on how to get the ball rolling on that? My dream is London. I would love, love, love to work in London. Second to that would be to work in a pub in Ireland. Preferably some place that speaks English. My one semester of French is pretty rusty.

In the mean time...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Review - A Wedding

This past weekend was such a blast, I wish I could do it all over again.

Saturday morning I hopped in my little Tiburon and drove up to Fargo, ND. This drive felt a lot longer than my Milwaukee drive (1) I was alone and (2) there is absolutely nothing along the way to entertain you for 200 miles. So I made my own fun by whipping out my old CD's and having a little boy band tribute with the fella's of 98 degrees and Backstreet Boys.

I arrived at the hotel around 11:30 but wasn't able to check in for a couple hours so I headed across the street to this charming little pub I found called Apple Bee's. I enjoyed a nice large beer with my bacon sandwich. Yes, a bacon sandwich, BLT minus the T. Yuck.

Since I couldn't check in to my hotel until after the wedding I finished getting dressed in my car, super classy, and a public restroom. Gross.

When I got to the church I ran in to a couple I had met at the bachelorette party and we were able to sit together. The church was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony was great. I love going to weddings where the Father actually knows the couple and can speak well about them, and theirs did just that.

After the ceremony I ran back to the hotel to check in and meet one of the girls that was staying with us in the room. I had some free time while waiting and there was tailgating going on right outside my window so I opened a bottle of bubbly, turned on the radio and had a mini dance party for 1 while waiting for Lindsey to arrive.

Once Lindsey arrived we headed over to the reception sight which was right across the street form the hotel at the Fargo Air Museum.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they ran out of wine right before dinner, so to get a break from the heat a couple of us wandered across the parking lot to that charming pub I spoke of earlier for some big ol beers and a couple shots to get us more prepped for the dancing that was to come.

When the dancing was done and the lights turned back on, we headed out to the bars. At this point in the night, I really need to learn to listen to my head and just go to bed, but did I listen to myself? Certainly not. We jumped from bar to bar and eventually ended up at a tiny little house party. And by tiny, I mean there were 6 of us drinking beers on a deck.

I'm pretty sure I saw day break when we were heading back to the hotel. Amanda, Lindsey and I stayed for lunch and lucky Lindsey was flying home to MO, mean while Amanda and I had to drive back to Minneapolis. At least I had a passenger on the ride home. It was a struggle to keep my eyes open.

I wish I had friends that got married every weekend.

Sami's Shenanigans

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weekend Review....on Wednesday

This is a smidge late, but I haven't been around a computer for several days now so here's what has been going on. Prepare yourself, it's a long one.

Friday Kari and I loaded up my little Tiburon and drove 5.5 hours to Milwaukee. It's a long, boring drive.

We were staying at the bride-to-be's soon-to-be brother in laws house and were greeted with mimosas! We got settled in while waiting for the other car of ladies to arrive before heading out on the town. I mentioned last week that it was the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary, so a lot of streets were blocked off and the crowd was a bit different.

When everyone arrived we headed to a bar near by but had to walk a couple blocks since the street was closed. Out of the cab, one by one, girls filed out followed by a 7 foot tall man who we all said looked like Super Man. It was funny to see the reaction of guys as they would check out the girls then look up at Mike. They knew we were not to be messed with.

Around 3:00 AM we found ourselves at a gyro joint that made the best ooey gooey double cheeseburger. Huge mistake, yet again, it may have been my best choice that night. It was delish!

We all walked back to Casa De Grunst, and one by one passed out.

Saturday we slowly woke up, and Super Man Mike and his brother Ben were making us fried eggs and bacon. Nice right? So, the family that Bridget is marrying in to is a family of four boys and her fiance is the shortest at 6'10". It's quite the sight to see the four boys together.

5 Girls, 1 bathroom, in a house made for men, is not the most ideal when you are trying to pretty yourselves up for a bachelorette party. But we made it work. We scrambled around for a bit, had to make a last minute trip to the mall for shoes, and the grocery store for alcohol and were only an hours late to the party. Since we were with the bride-to-be, I suppose that was ok.

Bridget's sisters did an amazing job on the party. They had mason jars and penis straws, sangria, and a nice spread of food. The condo it was held at is in the 3rd Ward which is a lot of old renovated buildings with brick walls and wood beamed ceilings.

The balcony looked over one of the streets lined with motorcycles. It was the most amazing view. One was was Lake Michigan, the other was the Milwaukee River.

Before dinner, all the girls changed into dresses and it was a huge dress swap party. I've never seen so many girls share and swap dresses, shoes and accessories. It was awesome.

We went to the Milwaukee Ale House for dinner. The food was good, the service was awful. Let's just say it ended with our server throwing the tab at us and running away.  I don't think he was cut out to be a server. At least not for a large group. We saw him 3 times the whole evening.

After dinner we had to hustle to the river and catch our boat for the river cruise. Half of our group stayed behind to deal with the bill at the restaurant so the captain was literally holding the boat as the last girl jumped aboard. Luckily they had shots waiting for everyone and there was free booze.

The boat took us out on to Lake Michigan and around the fest grounds where Kid Rock was playing for Harley Davidson's anniversary.

After the boat ride we walked back to the condo for some shots and to regroup before hitting the town.

We made it to a near by bar that was stocked with Harley riders, but that certainly didn't stop us from having a good time and dancing till close.

When we returned to the condo, girls passed out all over the place. I scored a spot on the hard wood kitchen floor. It really wasn't so bad since I only had to be there for about three hours. Kari woke me up at 6:00 AM so we could get an early start to the cabin. Another 6 hour drive, ugh!

We loaded up with gas and McDonalds, I suppose the McDonals loaded us up with gas too? Too much? Anyway, McDonalds coffee is too sugary, so we made another stop for gas station coffee, my favorite. That wasn't quite helping me keep my eyes open. A few hours in to the drive, we stopped at our last gas station for some sugar free Red Bull.

9:30 in the morning is a total legit time to be walking out of a gas station looking all disheveled with a couple Red Bulls and a 30 pack of Busch Light. We don't have a problem. Promise.

We arrived at the cabin around noon and it was chilly and overcast so we lounged around and took out the paddle board a couple times before heading over to my cousins cabin for my Aunts 60th birthday celebration.

We played with the kids and had a giant feast of beer can chicken and ribs before moseying on back to our side of the lake to have a fire with our neighbors. I made it to about 9:30 before my head was not able to hold itself up.

Monday Kari and I drove back to Minneapolis and I got to bring Miley home with me! I spent the day running errands and getting my groceries for the week so I can follow the Fall Shred this month. I feel confident that I can do it. I just need to get the workouts in. Tomorrow I have my second small group personal training session with Kirk, so hopefully that will spark a fire under my tush.

When my alarm went off Tuesday morning, Miley was snuggled up next to me and whispered, 'pwease donz go to work. Stay here and cuddle wif me all day. I donz wants to be awone'.

So, I stayed in bed and we watched about 32 Law & Order: SVU's, 10 episodes of The Office and 1.5 movies.

It was the perfect Tuesday after a whirl wind weekend. What's on deck for this coming weekend? Laura's Wedding in Fargo!!