Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's the key to my heart?

Food. Plain and simple. Oh, and wine, sunshine, sandy beaches, refreshing water, Miley Sue and my family.

I love food and the older I get the more in love with it I fall.

With that said, earlier this week I found myself with a whopping $5.77 in my checking account. I didn't bring lunch to work, and it's nearly impossible to buy a lunch downtown for under $7.00. I knew just where to go for some tummy filling tacos and maybe, if the price allowed, some chips and cheese.

As I weaved my way from the IDS tower, through the skyway and into the Baker Building, something hit me. A moment of fear turned to sadness that soon turned to anger then worry. My beloved skyway Taco Bell was gone!

What was I to do? Where was I to go? Would I have to starve (until dinner)? I got lucky and was able to go to my go-to Chinese restaurant and they just lowered their lunch special to $4.15, so boom that's a steal. I thought I robbed them for how cheap that lunch was.

The day after my Taco Bell was closed, an article came out in confirming my worst fear. The food trucks are slowly taking over affordable restaurants throughout the 8 miles of downtown skyway. I like a good taco truck as much as the next Joe Shmoe, but I also can't afford 2 organic tacos for $7. I can, however, splurge at Taco Johns for Taco Tuesday or at Taco Bell for a yummy quesadilla meal.

In one month we lost Peter's Grill, the German Hot Dog joint, one Taco Johns, and the only Taco Bell. Blame it on rent, slow business, or the food trucks, I don't care. I just want my Taco Bell back!

To make me feel better after coming to terms there is no longer a downtown Taco Bell and having my checking account replenished, I stopped by Angel Food Bakery, who will probably never go out of business because they make gold. Gold in the form of Bacon Maple Donuts. If your gold is cro-nuts, they have those as well.

Congratulations to all the Mrs. & Mrs. and Mr. & Mr. weddings today!

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