Friday, August 9, 2013

Well, hello there!

This week has been a complete whirlwind with work events. Coming in to work early, dinners every night and night caps with employees. I'm wiped out. 

Here's a few pictures I was able to snatch while on the job this week.

Gorgeous sunset after Tuesdays storms on National Night Out. I was at an out door BBQ at one of our VP's home and we had to scramble to get everyone inside. 

Found this highly amusing considering the Vikings are not a team that has been led to victory so how can Mr. Frazier actually talk about that?

Comedy show during the reception for work. They customized it for our group which was about 120 attorneys. It was hilarious and I would absolutely recommend a night at the Brave New Workshop. They are so talented and have you laughing non stop.

Manned the front table. Guests love it when you tell them their name badges have drink tickets too!

Pre reception/seminar at Brave New Workshop

At least I get food, wine and a nice view when I have to work late. They had vegan spring rolls that were surprisingly delicious. The bacon wrapped scallops on the other hand were a bit fishy. I do not like sea food or anything with a fishy taste.

When I'm nervous I sweat...wait, I always sweat. Since I was working the registration table, the last thing I wanted was to have giant sweat stains so I bolted to the bathroom and stuffed my pits with paper towels. Yup, that's the result of 1.5 hours just standing at a table. Some day I hope to try botox in my pits and see if that will finally cure this embarrassing curse.

The week will finally wrap up with an office pizza party and then I'm getting the heck out of dodge and will be relaxing on the relaxation station with my stack of Marie Claire's and Cosmo magazines decompressing from this crazy week.

No go #backthatazzup

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