Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Review

I think that everyone should get a free day off for their birthday. Especially when their birthday falls on a Monday. Why oh why am I not still tucked in bed?

This weekend was once again spent at the cabin. Friday evening we went to dinner at Jeds. For a Northern Wisconsin bar, their food is actually really decent.

There was a group of people celebrating a birthday and passed out cake to everyone in the bar.  It's always fun to have dessert before dinner.

After dinner our cousins came over and had a fire. Surprisingly, I was the last one to go to bed. You may not know this, but sitting around a fire in the middle of the night, alone, is quite terrifying. I was certain I was going to be attacked by Indians or a bear. Luckily, as you can tell from this post. I survived and wasn't attacked by anything. Not even mosquito's!

Saturdays wind was pretty treacherous, so I found an anchor and tied it up to the relaxation station so we could float and not have to keep moving the raft. It was the genius thing I've done in a solid five years. I also have a giant bobber cooler that we filled up with beer and tied up to the raft. Who wants to keep getting out of the water to get more beer? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

Our cousins came and picked us up on their boat and we took a ride over to the sand bar. I will never understand how the whole lake can be so choppy except the sand bar. It was so calm so we hung out and chatted and got some sun.

Me and my sisters usually go home early on Sundays, but since I was getting a ride home with my parents I stayed all day which was so fun. I don't understand why we leave so early. I went over to my cousins cabin and we took the boat out to the sand bar and did some fishing.

It was such a nice, hot, relaxing weekend spent with family on the water. As all weekends should be spent.

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