Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Review

Holy cow, what a weekend!

Friday I spent the whole evening driving around town trying to find an outfit for my girlfriend Laura's bachelorette party on Saturday. After three hours I finally found a top, shoes and some fun new jewelry. It felt like Christmas Eve because I was so excited for the next days festivities I could hardly sleep.

I was up nice and early on Saturday to get ready. It is really difficult to find an outfit that can go from morning wine tasting to late night booty shaking. I got downtown St. Paul by 11:00 AM and we all jumped on a limo bus that took us to Stillwater for some wine tastings.

Our first stop was Northern Vineyard Winery. They had a tasting table set up for our group and we tasted 9 different wines. I enjoyed their whites much more than I enjoyed their reds and lately I've been a big red wine drinker. There was just something off about the smell and after taste that reminded me of dirty diapers. I just couldn't do it.

Our second stop was Saint Croix Vineyards and I can't wait to go back there again. We didn't do the tasting because it was so busy so we just bought some cheese and wine and enjoyed it on their patio. I loved this Summer Red wine. They had it chilled and it was so smooth and fruity.

When we were done tasting wine we headed back to St. Paul and had a taco bar while playing games. Laura's cousins did such a good job with the games. They did jeopardy which was a lot of fun and a mad lib game that was hilarious!

We went to dinner at Sawatdee and for our large group, the service rocked. Props to Sawatdee in St. Paul! Then we went out to Bulldog Lowertown and Bario where we danced and danced and danced some more.

I got home around 4:00 AM and had to be up by 6:00 AM to be downtown Sunday morning to volunteer for the Twins Fifteen 5k. I had never volunteered for a race before so I was really looking forward to experiencing what goes on behind the scenes of setting up a run.

I helped set up the water table and make sure garbage bins were lined. Originally I was going to man the water table and make sure it was stocked and help hand it out until some of us were asked to work on the field. The runners ran into the stadium and around the warning track. I got to guard the Twins dugout!

I was in 7th heaven being able to be ON the field and able to be IN the dugout. Towards the end of the race some players wandered down to the field and into the dugout. I wish I knew who they were though!

After the runners crossed the finish they headed up to the plaza where they got their medals from current Twin players. How cool is that?! When I did Fifteens5k its first year we didn't get that, and it was also a 4k. Each k was a base and we ended on the plaza so they definitely have improved the run and the experience.

Glen Perkins (pitcher) and his wife started this run and it benefits Cystic Fibrosis so when I was done with my volunteering duties I made sure to get a picture with Glen.

To the security guard who took our picture. Thank you! You must be the father of a daughter or two because you made sure to take several pictures both horizontal and vertical then told us to 'work it!' Dang, I wish we did.

I absolutely loved this weekend and can't wait to do it over again in three weeks for Laura's wedding!

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I'm so jealous you got to meet Glen Perkins! He's one of my favorite Twins players!