Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Review

On Friday I took a half day because of all the extra hours I worked and headed up to the cabin for some R & R. It was just what I needed after the go-go-go week I had just come from.

It was just me and my parents, but my mom had to work so while she wrapped up my dad and I went in to town to pick up some beer and ice and made a little pit stop at Robert's Road House for a quick beer. When we got back to the cabin we decided that no one really wanted to cook and that we would just go out to eat. After all, Friday's in Wisconsin are Friday Fish Fry's no matter where you are. We tried a new to us restaurant called the Yellow River Inn.

It's a much cuter restaurant than other places near by because they have a small dining room vs. one large bar. It's nice to have the separation when you want to have a nice and quiet dinner.

On Saturday Dad and I moved our fire pit so it's not right in front of the Fish House or the beach. After moving one rock, he got smart and brought the tractor and some sleds down. I'd roll a rock on to a sled and tie it up to the tractor and swap out sleds every time he came back around.

The remainder of the day was spent perfecting the circle and breaking in the new fire pit location.

We took a nice happy hour cruise to the sand bar where we met up with my aunt and uncle, had some cocktails and cheese, meat and crackers while getting the last of the sun for the day.

She takes after her mom and loves the sun too!

For anyone that knows about our boat, it doesn't have the best track record as far as consistently working, so of course Dick and Kathy had to tow us back in.

Mom and Dad with the dogs. Cheers-ing to the new fire pit location.

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