Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Review

It's Monday...not too thrilled about that, but hey, what can you do besides just live it up? Besides, it's the season finale of the Bachelorette tonight, so I guess that makes Monday a little more tolerable.

This weekend was another one for the books.

It was the first time I wore leopard shoes with studs.

Cute right? They murdered my feet just from walking from the bus to the Government Center, which is about two blocks.

After work, my mom picked me up from the bus station and we headed up to the cabin. Kari had invited a few friends up for the weekend which means harder drinking and later nights. I'm realizing I'm too old for that.
Before cousin weekend, my dad snuck up to the cabin to make Giant Jenga. It was such a hit! He requested that guests sign the Jenga pieces. There's some good hashtags and drawings to be remembered throughout the years.

We have some not so friendly (two doors down) neighbors at the cabin. They are notorious for flashing their lights promptly at 11:00 PM if they hear any noise outside at all. On Friday night we had a fire and so did our more friendly neighbors. The not so friendly neighbor came over and asked the friendly neighbors to keep it down. Just as the not so friendly neighbor went inside, the Sheriff pulled up! He said to keep on partying and that we weren't being loud at all. So the not so friendly neighbor shut his windows, turned on his central AC and wasn't heard from again. As a joke, from a similar story, we made this sign and is between our cabin and the friendly neighbors cabin. (That was a poorly told story, but deal with it)

Saturday was a gorgeous day. We definitely lucked out with the weather. After a late breakfast, we headed outside for a quick game of boom before loading up the boat and making our way to the sandbar. We played beer pong and fris-beer before being bombarded by a boat of 21 year old bros. So we packed up the boat and headed back to the Farnham Cabin where we enjoyed some time on the relaxation station and and soaking in the sun.

I over indulged on dinner a little too much and was in a cheeseburger coma from 9:00 PM until the sun woke me up at 8:00 AM Sunday morning.

There is no better place in the summer time then the cabin. Sadly, I only have two free weekends left this summer designated to the cabin. I feel like summer is just beginning with how late it started this year.

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