Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wedding Guest, Party of 1

As I'm sure you all know, Wedding Season is upon us. I only have two weddings this year, thank goodness. I'm poor ya'll, I can't afford all these weddings, gifts, bachelorette parties, travel expenses, showers, etc.

But, I also wouldn't miss attending my friends weddings, or the celebrations leading up to them, for anything.

At least when you have a partner, you get to split the cost of gifts, hotel room, and all that jazz. I spent a good part of my day searching hotels near the reception sights since both of my weddings are out of town. The smaller the town, the more expensive 'standard' hotels are. Blah.

Have you ever attended a wedding completely alone? Been to a wedding where you didn't know many people besides the bride and a bridesmaid or two?

I'm majorly slightly freaking out about attending alone, but I also think it could be a ton of fun and a great opportunity to challenge myself to get out of my shy little box and meet new people. This of course, might need to start with a bottle of champagne in my hotel room.

Totes ok to go to a ceremony with a glass in you right? Or is that disrespectful? This bride though? She'll have some mimosas down. I'd say red wine since that's what she's known for, but you can't risk spilling that shiz on your white dress and who wants purple teeth before the pictures begin? (Could I put more question marks in one paragraph?)

When I started writing this I thought I'd share some 'rules' of attending weddings alone. Those rules suck. Here are a few of them.

Pamper yourself and look smokin'
I'm very ok with this rule. Basically the only one I don't think sucks. If I'm going to attend a wedding alone, you bet I'm going to put some extra effort in to the way I look. It'll help boost my confidence, and who knows? Maybe there's a single hottie tottie looking to share a dance? Or a drink??

Don't be a downer
I do not like this rule. If I'm going to be a downer, I should just not attend the wedding at all. I couldn't be more happy for the two couples I know who are getting married this Fall. If you aren't happy for the couple, do everyone a favor and pick up a box of your fav chardonnay, order up a couple sappy chick flicks, chomp down a large pizza, indulge in a tub of ice cream, throw on your sweats, and just stay home. (actually this sounds like a pretty awesome night!)

Don't drink anything
I'm not sure about you, but I don't think I'd have the balls to talk to strangers at a wedding if I didn't have a couple in me. I'd be the lame girl (not a downer though), sitting at her table because she didn't have the courage to dance or introduce herself to new people.

Don't spend too much on the gift
If you ask me, this is just tacky. Weddings aren't cheap and you don't want to come off cheap either. I'm certainly not saying to go above what you can afford, but just because you don't have a guest, certainly doesn't mean you should skimp on the gift. Especially if you plan on inviting this person to your wedding some day. People remember this stuff. You get what you give, I think.

There you have it. A couple dumb and one not so dumb rules for attending weddings alone. No go get all hot and sexy-fied, pop some bubbly and get on that dance floor!

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