Friday, August 16, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Hola Arepa

Did you know that stores don't sell shorts in August in Minnesota? No. No they do not and I need a cute pair that can go from wine tasting to booty shaking, morning to well...morning, by tomorrow for my girlfriends bachelorette party! Summer has finally poked its little head out (again) and it's going to be a hot one this weekend.

Since it's so gloriously gorgeous out, I wandered the streets of Minneapolis, hopping in to stores that don't sell summer clothes anymore, and worked up an appetite so I jumped in line at Hola Arepa before it became a mile long.

I'm pretty sure at one point I said I don't care to find out what an Arepa is. And I can almost guarantee I said that a month ago. Well, today I ate an Arepa and hola! It was good.
First things first. An Arepa is a bread made of corn popular in both Venezuela and Columbia. It is similar to the Mesoamerican tortilla.

I decided on the slow roasted pulled pork with black beans, cotija cheese and Hola sauce and chips and salsa. The Arepa was delicious. The pork was juicy and the Hola sauce added a lot of flavor. As for the salsa? I just got an empty cup...the chips were very good.

When you pick up your food there is a tray with some sauces that I suppose could have passed for salsa, but I saw people putting the sauces on their Arepas and I'm pretty certain I saw others walking away with their little cups full of salsa. So, maybe I'm a newbie and didn't know you poured your own, or I'm just a dork and walked away without my salsa.

All ended well as my Arepa was nice and juicy so I just sopped up the extras with my chips.

If there's one thing I'm learning on my Friday Food Truck adventure, it's that you should always trust the trucks with long lines. Most trucks have very foreign foods to me, but I've taken risks and have enjoyed most everything so far.

Yesterday I mentioned how I feel like a poser because I'm not all about chevron and boutiques. Well, I almost found myself buying a chevron dress. Then laughed at myself and put it back. I did tell you though how I bought a necklace. I loved it because if there's one thing I know, it's that karma is a complete bitch and what goes around comes around. So this necklace was quite fitting.

Err, or not. I was so happy to get it in the mail but when I put it on I felt like I was being strangled. I don't like things around my neck and it's another reason why I have almost zero crew neck tops. I wanted to wear this pretty little gem so bad, so I improvised. Gold paper clip baby! Totes works and as long as I wear my hair down, no one will be the wise.

Enjoy this #backthatazz up tune I will be blasting as I cruise home with the windows down and sunroof open.



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