Thursday, August 15, 2013

Am I a poser?

I've been doing some thinking lately, and I asked my self. Self. Are you a blogging poser?

There are a some Blogger traits that I just don't have but here I am with my tiny little blog, blogging.

What are some typical Blogger traits you ask? Let me tell you.

~ Bloggers love avocado, hummus and peanut butter.
        -I only eat avocado (in guac) and hummus so I can eat the chips. Peanut Butter just isn't even on my radar.

~ Bloggers wear a lot of arm candy. No, not men. Jewelry.
        - I wish I had arm candy, the male version, but I can hardly do jewelry. I'm lucky if I remember my watch!

~ Bloggers take pictures of everything and not just with their iPhone. With an actual camera. From the #ootd to what they are eating, reading, writing, drinking, etc.
       - Camera's are expensive, yo! I have a hand-me-down camera that I need to bring in to get fixed, then you can expect better pictures. I don't like being connected to my phone at all times, so low quality, and low quantity pictures is what you'll receive for the moment.

~ Bloggers have homes straight out of Martha Stewart Magazine.
       - Yeah, about that...I live with my parents right now. I don't have a house and will be renting, which means not being able to put all those cute touches you could add to a place you own.

~ Bloggers really like to work out. And, they always look cute too.
        - I am doing my darndest to get on the workout bandwagon, but it's exhausting, and you sweat and get out of breath. Who wants any of that? Oh yeah, smaller clothes and healthier, longer life. That's what it does for you! Well, I don't look cute, I'm lucky if my socks even match and my love handles aren't popping out.


~ Bloggers LOVE chevron and online boutiques.
        - I never got on the chevron train and I think it's starting to fade, but I don't have a single piece of chevron. Also, I ordered a necklace from an online boutique and I was so excited to receive it until I unwrapped it from it's adorable box and realized it doesn't even fit my neck. Any idea where I can get a thin gold chain?

I love to write and journal what's been happening in my life. I might not be covered in boutique chevron arm candy while working out snapping selfies with my professional camera and noshing on veggies and hummus, avocados and peanut butter, but I'm a Blogger dammit. Even if that is a dumb word that people love to make fun of.

In conclusion. I really don't like avocados (as I sit here picking it out of my salad).


  1. I am totally a blogging poser too then!! :) I wanted to make stickers saying :Just Say NO to Chevron!" Thankfully it is on the way out.

    1. Hopefully it doesn't come back in another 10 years like most trends. That's one bandwagon I just couldn't jump on.

  2. haha, this is hilarious. when i run, i kind of look like phoebe from friends, so i just might a little *worse off* than you. take comfort in that :)

    see phoebe(me) here:

    1. Haha! That's why I refuse to run in the gym. I feel like I'm not doing it right. Is there a right/wrong way to run?

  3. Don't forget, a blogger must go to Yogurtland/Yogurt Lab every day, even though a blogger only weighs 110 pounds.

    1. True. When I go, I load up with all of the bad stuff. Candy bar topping, sprinkles, whipped cream. Delicious!