Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Review

Hello Blog Land! I had one heck of a weekend.

Friday Andy and I went to the Surly taproom. I'm not super familiar with Surly beer, but I now know that I really like Surly Hell and the taproom is super close to where I live. Win win! After we got in a couple of beers we headed home and grilled up a delicious turkey loin, potatoes and broccoli in a blue cheese sauce. Yum!

Saturday morning I had a couple quick errands to run before picking up my cousin and heading out to the Apple River for our cousins 30th birthday. I had never been floating down the river before but let me tell you, it's a sh*t show. We arrived at the camp site around 10:30 and immediately cracked open beers and took shots while setting up our tent.

Our bus driver to the river was awesome. Every thing we did he yelled 'social'. 'Left turn SOCIAL!'  'Gas is $3.59 SOCIAL!' It was so much fun and really got everyone on the bus pumped up and ready for a good time. We had about 20 tubes tied up together and stopped a couple times along the way to do some noodle bongs and play volleyball.

I was pretty drunk disconnected the whole time so I'm not sure how long it took us, but I'd say it was a good 3-5 hours? Luckily our campsite wasn't far from where you get back on land so we didn't have to lug our coolers too far.

Being the old lady I am, I snuck away to my tent around midnight but never quite fell asleep. There were people partying until 6:00 AM. I have no clue how they did it. They must be 21, not 28 going on 68. It was funny getting up and walking through the camp ground and seeing the odd places people passed out. Several people didn't make it to their tents, instead found chairs or tables to pass out on.

Sunday morning we packed up and I was home nice and early and able to get some shut eye in my bed, and in air conditioning. It was my parents 35th wedding anniversary and since my sisters and I failed to throw any kind of party I headed out to the store to pick up some flowers and food to make them a nice meal.

I decided on stuffed chicken breasts that had a stuffing filling that was really good, and garlic potatoes and lemon snap peas. When mom and dad walked in from getting home from the cabin I had a little dish with olives from Byerly's olive bar, two beers and a glass of wine poured and waiting for them. 

They both totally appreciated the effort and thought that I put in to this. Hello daughter of the year award!!

If there's two things I learned this weekend it's this.

1. Adding flavored Bacardi or vodka to Bud Light is the bomb and I might do that more often (specifically Bacardi Razz).

2. You actually have to peel the 'vein' of snap peas off before cooking so you can eat them with ease.

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