Thursday, July 11, 2013

If I won the lottery....

There's been a lot of big lotto numbers and I keep hoping to win, but I never buy lottery tickets. So I spend a lot of time day dreaming about what I would do with, lets say, $485,000,000.00!

1. I'd buy a ranch that was half on the ocean and half mountain so I could let all my miniature rescue animals roam free.
2. I would never worry about what I was eating or drinking because I'd have regularly scheduled lipo once a month.

3. I'd load up on every Michael Kors item so when all my money was gone, I'd still look good.

4. I'd get a black Lincoln Aviator with tinted windows so people rolling down the interstate would think I must be someone really, really important. Like Adrian Peterson or Joe Mauer.

5. I'd buy a small neighborhood so all of my family and friends could live together. The street would be a lazy river and the water temp would always be 78 degrees.

6. I'd have a Yogurt (lab) in my home.

7. The one smart thing I'd do with my money is go to college and get a degree. Maybe then I'll have learned that everything I spent my $485,000,000.00 on was pure sillyness but oh so much fun.

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  1. hi!
    i saw minneapolis in your name on the link up so came over :))
    LOVE the fact about everything MK so you still look great when the money is gone! hahahaa brilliant!

  2. Omg, the pic of miniature animals is sooo cute! Ill take one of each! :) cute blog!

  3. I would buy out Michael Kors too! :)