Friday, July 26, 2013

Confession of a non-blogging blogger

Hello Blog Land.

It's finally Friday. I was sick on Monday but boy has this week felt long.

I haven't had much going on or much that I've wanted to write about lately that I wanted others to read. The Man Friend is no more and it took a lot of back and forth in my head to come to that decision. I've always been leery about introducing a relationship here because guys seriously come and go.

When I introduced the old Man Friend I was pretty confident that we would last quite some time, then things started to go downwards and almost everything bothered me in some way or another and I was embarrassed to bring him around. When we started to make plans to live with each other, I knew I had to end it before I was tied in to a 12 month lease.

Needless to say, my mind has been occupied with other thoughts besides what I want to share with the blog-o-sphere.

After reading some other blogs, I've decided I'm going to date myself for a while, focus on me. Take myself to restaurants he wouldn't go to and to movies I was never invited to see. I'm going to work out harder and make that number below actually move!

I have so many fun events coming up that I'm looking forward to attending alone or with friends then I was when I knew I'd have a date. Bachelorette parties, weddings, block parties, State Fair, cabin weekends, etc.

Tonight is the kick-off to Ali's current single life with a happy hour with what feels like long lost friends and a night out in North East. Tomorrow I will be going to my cousins block party which should also be a blast since I've met a few of the folks before.

{I really wish I had an ice cold beer or glass of wine to cheers, but I don't so here's my water cup}

Cheers to following your heart, listening to your gut, and being strong enough to walk away
Here's to the fun times ahead
Get it girl!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the breakup Ali, but it sounds like you have the right attitude! I admire your confidence and it sounds like you made the right decision.

    Even when Laurie and I started our blog, we weren't sure how much we should really share about our personal lives (husbands, etc) but I think readers appreciate the honesty, and can relate to the reality of your life because you have shared.

    Have a great weekend!

    And...I can't WAIT til the State Fair! Even though it sort of marks the end of the summer, I love it too much to be sad about that.