Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Balsamic Salad Dressing

As you may remember, I moved back home with my parents at the end of May and was going to stay there until my lease was up and Andy and I found a place. Well, my lease is up and so is Andy, so now I've decided to stay with my parents for a while longer, grow a nice savings account, and be their personal chef.

You know how moms are always the best cooks because they 'make everything with love'? I finally nailed my moms balsamic salad dressing. I think it's because they have fancy olive oil and balsamic and I usually just buy whatever is cheapest.
This salad dressing has changed the way I look at salads. I used to drench mine in Caesar, Ranch or French dressing and load it with croutons and bacon bits {ok, I might still do that}. 

Toss this dressing with some field greens, feta cheese, fresh raspberries and you have yourself a tasty little salad.

Another favorite is greens, apples, feta {duh, it's delicious}, and pecans or crushed walnuts.

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