Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Finally got motivated

I wrote last week about how I need to get motivated and start getting fit again since it's been my new years resolution.

Since then I've done a much better job bringing my own food to work and not eating 1,000 calorie lunches every day. Most days start with a hard boiled egg and an apple. Lunch is left overs and I keep a bag of carrots at work to nosh on mid day when my stomach starts grumbling.

Over the weekend I kept busy by raking the shore of the lake and pulling some stray weeds and mom and I took Miley for a walk.

Last night mom and I went to Costco where we walked around for about an hour and I picked up one of their workout tops. It is super comfortable, didn't ride up and didn't chafe against my wings.

After our Costco trip I finally got my butt out for a run, if you can call it that? My phone and Garmin were acting up so I didn't have anything to let me know how far I was going so I mapped it out when I got home.

I brought Miley with me so we walked probably a mile and ran the rest. For a 10 pound dog she was pulling me during the running portion because there were just so many chipmunks and birds to try and catch.

When I got back from the run I tried a new workout I found at Blonde Ponytail. It really kicked my butt, literally.

I can't tell you how good it feels to get out and get my sweat on. I finally slept all through the night and I slept until my alarm went off.

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  1. Hi Alison! I'm popping over from the WOW linkup and wanted to say thanks for sharing the lean legs workout! Great job on your run and I love the running quote at the end, hope it's okay if I borrow?? ;)

    Jenn @

  2. Your food truck adventures tempt me all the time, but part of me is glad I don't work downtown because I wouldn't be able to resist. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hello Allison! Awesome job! Hey I host a link-up Total Fitness Wednesday and would love it if you could join us! Here is the link!

    Keep up the great work!