Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was jam packed with fun activities. From Fulton, to the Twins to the Cabin and finally getting some sun!

Friday Man Friend and I went to Fulton for a couple pre-game beers then headed over to the Twins stadium. Luckily the rain held off. Unfortunately though, the Twins lost.
Fulton Brewery

Saturday my internal clock had me up by 6:00 AM so I packed a bag and headed up to the cabin. It was great to finally be able to pack shorts and tank tops and leave the heavier clothes at home.

Happy hour starts around 11:00 AM. Margaritas lake side with a fire? Why not? 

Naps follow shortly after.

My parents owed me fried chicken from a restaurant near our cabin so we went to Jed's for dinner while a storm rolled in.

I had to have my mom take the food away from me. It was really good and I couldn't stop shoving it in my face.

When we were done with dinner the sky cleared up, the sun came out and we got the fire going again. My aunt & uncle and two of their kids (they have a cabin on the same lake) came over for some drinks and a fire. The night sky up North is so incredible.

I had my box of wine from Trader Joes. Quite convenient to carry around with you.

Sunday was gorgeous! We had a leisurly morning and then took the boat out for a lap around the lake.

Dad installed a radio on the boat with an iPod adapter so we cruised and listened to some fun boating music while finally being able to enjoy the sun and warm weather.

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  1. cabin. cabin....i think I need a cabin. now that it is finally getting nice out!!!

  2. I love a good lake cruise... and margaritas by the fire at 11:00 - duh.