Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Review

This weekend was sooo low key I kind of feel guilty for wasting it.

Friday we had a cupcake party at work, so of course I had to try each kind and stuff my face with cupcakes all day long.

We got these bad boys from Sarah Jane's Bakery in North East Minneapolis for just $1 a piece! They were super moist and very delicious. If you are a cupcake freak on a budget, definitely check this place out.

Mr. Man came and met me at work so we could hit up the food trucks for lunch. We went to Emconada. Like an empanada only they are made in a cone.

After work I met him at Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater. They had a super tasty raspberry beer. If I wasn't driving I definitely would have had two but the 8% alcohol only allowed me to have one.

After Lift Bridge we went to Pour Decisions Brewery in Roseville. I wouldn't recommend it. Butcher & The Boar was there serving food, so I'd recommend that, but the beer really was a Pour Decision.

Saturday was a super chill day. I ran some quick errands with mom and then mowed the parents yard before the 24 hours of non stop rain hit once again.

I also made a really good batch of chicken fajitas. Note: don't get Market Pantry wheat tortillas for fajitas. They are too sweet.

I'm super cool so I put in the movie Despicable Me around 8:30 PM and was asleep by 9:30. On a Saturday.

On Sunday mom and dad both headed to Chicago for a work event, so the dogs and I did this all day.

It's a 'ruff' life, but someone has to do it.

I was able to catch up with all my trashy shows and even watch a LifeTime movie or two.

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  1. Sarah Jane's did my wedding cupcakes. LOVE that place.