Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Review

Well, here we are. Once again Monday came way too soon.

Over the weekend I moved in to my parents house. Yup, 28 and living with mom and dad. It's just temporary, until my lease is up at the end of August, but the roommate situation wasn't getting any better and for my sanity and safety, it was just the right move to make.

Friday evening Man Friend met me at Trader Joe's and we picked up some wine and groceries for dinner and headed to my parents. It's not as weird as it seems, my parents were up at the cabin so it's not like we were all making dinner together.

We had a mini wine tasting from the wines we picked up at TJ's while we made dinner. The Green Fin wine won in my book. It's made with organic grapes and is only $3.99, totally my budget. Man Friend made Juicy Lucy meatballs that were delicious! It was nice to have a place to ourselves since we both have/had roommates.

Saturday morning I got a made a couple trips to my old apartment to move some of my belongings home. Earlier in the week my parents and sister helped me move my big pieces of furniture home so I could get the rest of the small items on my own. On what would have been my list trip, I turned on to my street to find that cops were blocking the road. I talked to them and they said there was a suspicious susbstance that was making people sick in the building next to mine. I tried going around the block and getting in another way, but they even had that part of the road blocked off right at our parking lot. The lady officer I spoke to there said I couldn't even access my own building unless I had access to the underground parking. Which I don't. When I was leaving I saw the Medical Coroner, ambulances, hazmat and a ton of fire trucks surrounding the building next door. It was pretty intense. Turns out there was so substance and the people that were 'sick' were fine.

So, I went home and bugged Miley all day.

Sunday morning I headed down to Bohemian Flats Park which was the finish for the Minneapolis Marathon and 1/2 Marathon.

Man Friend finished in 1:54:xx, pretty awesome time for his first half marathon. We hung around with his parents and their dog until the beer tent opened up and he could get his free Finnigans.

After his race I made my last to runs to the old apartment. It feels really nice to know that I will be sleeping in peace for a while now. I spent the rest of my day washing clothes and running dishes through the dishwasher, and ended the day with a glass of wine in the sunshine on the deck.

I got this class on my trip to Nuevo Vallarta, MX
Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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  1. I love Trader Joe's... I buy all of my wine there! Sounds like Friday was fun. I am sorry you had such a horrible roommate. It sounds like it was rough. At least you are OUT OF THERE!!!