Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I really don't have much to share today except some pictures of food and beer. That's what has been going on for the last day and a half. For realsies.

Living with mom and dad has kind of screwed up bring my own lunches. We haven't really had any leftovers yet since we've gone out to dinner every night so far. This has given me the opportunity to try some new places I've been wanting to go to for lunch.

Monday was Bloomy's Roast Beef food truck.

I ordered the roast beef sandwich with bacon and provolone and took it over to the Government Plaza since it was awesomely sunny out. The sandwich looks small but the roast beef is seriously stack on that baby.

Then later on Monday Dad had a happy hour so I went to 8th Street and stuffed my face with popcorn and cheese curds and cider (oh my!) while reading my book.

After an hour I left thinking Papason would be ready to go. I never heard from him, so I decided to go to Hell's Kitchen for a $2 mystery beer.

I sent him this picture of my mystery beer...

...and as I was packing up to go wait for him upstairs, in walks Daddy-o and his co-worker to join me in a mystery beer (PBR and Red Dog). Then I found out they were at 8th Street for their original happy hour too. I don't know how I missed them.

Then we get to Tuesday. I've heard great things about the Pho at this little crepe place in the Medical Arts Building, La Belle Crepe. I was picking some things up at Target across the street so I figured it was the perfect gloomy day for some Pho.

They had meatball and thin steak or a tofu option. I, obviously, went with the meatball and thin steak. They give you all the fixings you could want in Pho, basil, jalapeno, onion, bean sprouts, and a little container of wasabi and siracha. 

I've only had Pho once before and it was ok. The meat wasn't very good. But this Pho? I will definitely be back for!

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