Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pass, Set, Beer!

Last night I drove up to Big Lake to play some sand volleyball. We played at McPete's which is a bowling alley/bags/batting cages/mini golf/sand volleyball restaurant & bar.

I'm not on a team this year because we couldn't find enough people so it was nice to be able to play. If there is one thing that is second nature to me, it's volleyball, however I lost my balls when it comes to trying to block a ball that's being hit over the net at 500 mph. In my high schools days I'd stuff that ball back in the hitters face. BOOM! Now I duck or cover my face.

I digress. I was playing on my cousins team and I had never met any of the other people before, but it made me a little home sick. It reminded me of my South Dakota days where everyone was so friendly and wanted to just have fun and talk with each other over a few beers on a patio in the middle of nowhere. Which was usually what a typical SD night would be except it would be on a friend patio instead of a bar.

I love that I'm back home in Minnesota, but there's something about small town living that I really miss. I find that ironic because when I was 21 I was a self proclaimed 'city girl'.

We won 5 of 6 games and in the first game I served 12 points in a row. Made me wish I was back in high school playing club ball. Not to toot my own horn, but I was good toot! toot!

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