Friday, June 14, 2013

Food Truck Friday: World Street Kitchen

Another Friday is upon us and I'm so happy about that!

Earlier this week I went to Get Sauced, which I wrote about here. I saw that they had Mexican Corn on the menu and I remember liking it from last year. Since I brought just a sandwich for lunch I thought I'd swing by and get something to go with it.

It has such an incredible kick. I want to know if they'll give me their recipe because I could eat this all day long.

Since I had already shared with you my experience at Get Sauced, I decided to join some co-workers for Food Truck Friday. We went to World Street Kitchen and boy oh boy am I glad I finally tried it!

Today they had their Yum Yum Rice Bowl on the menu with the option of Crispy Marinated Tofu, Korrean 'BBQ' Beef short ribs with house made kimshi, or O.G. {Original Gansta} Grilled Chicken with shiitake mushrooms, chinese broccoli and herbs. I went with the O.G. Chicken.

Some of you might think oh, that's just a rice bowl with some meat and veggies, but no. Here's the description on their menu.

Yum Yum Rice Bowl: Our signature dish. Steamed rice with soft cooked egg, peanuts, crunchies and 'secret sauce'.

Do you see that egg? I got to break the yolk and mix it up in all it's glory.  I will certainly be back for this bowl when it is on their menu. The chicken was great, the cilantro was fresh the rice was the perfect consistency, the peanuts gave a great crunch, and that 'secret sauce'? Whatever it is, just keep it coming.

This was the only food truck that had a line this long, and the only one that I ever saw giving out numbers! Now I know why. 

Get your booty down to the World Street Kitchen food truck or their brick and mortar store in UpTown.

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