Friday, June 21, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Sandy's Grill & Italian Ice

This week has felt so long and I'm ready to hit the road and get up North with the Man.

This week I had a day that was just the pits. I was dragging physically, I got some 'news' that made me feel pretty screwed over, and I didn't bring my lunch. So what better way to give yourself a little boost than to visit the land of the food trucks?

I decided to take a chance and go with a truck I had never seen on the street, Sandy's Grill & Italian Ice. I originally stopped because they had some decently priced burgers. Then I realized I'll be eating my share of burgers this weekend and opted for Nathan's Famous Dog and some cheese curds, because, you know, cheese curds make everything better.

Please ignore the messy hot dog. The dog was a little chilly by the time I got back to my desk. Too bad I didn't order a chilly dog! Ha ha ha! That's funny, no?

The cheese curds though? Delicious and hot. Just the way I like them. 

I like Sandy's because sometimes you don't want a Super-Curry-Chicken-Arepa-Cupcake-Shrimp-Pulled-pork-Taco. You just want an all American hot dog or hamburger on an all American bun that doesn't come from the all American Arches, King, or Queen.

On a nice hot day I think it would be a fantastic stop for the Italian Ice.

Here's a rare photo I actually took of my outfit. I felt like the American Flag. Maybe that's why I wanted my all American meal.

This ticker might look new. I'll be updating each Wednesday for Workout Wednesdays. I guess that means I probably shouldn't be solving my issues with cheese curds then, eh?


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