Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bachelorette Recap

After reading several other Bachelorette recaps, it's nice to know the feeling is mutual that these guys really are quite douchey.

Last nights episode wasn't as cringe worthy as the first two this season, but it's still just so awkward to see these 'grown' men (I'm older than quite a few of them, so I don't know how 'grown' they really are), act like children around each other.

I think Des has done a good job with weeding out the true tools, but unfortunately there is always that one that steals the woman's heart who is King of the Tools, and in this case, his name is Ben. Why couldn't he wear a normal tank top like the rest of the dudes, his was ultra feminine.

How uncomfortable was the scene where Brian's ex/girlfriend came to confront him? She kept mentioning being on national television which immediately made me think she was there just for her 15 minutes of fame. Then she said she tried to break up with him before he left, not knowing he was going on the show, so why come back for him? It all seemed fishy. Regardless, I'm glad he is gone if he is going to pull a stint like that.

From Sean's season Desiree was my number one, so I do hope that this fairy tail, magical, Cinderella story works out for her and she meets her prince charming. Just stop kissing all those frogs, it's really not necessary and it's hard to watch.

The one good thing that almost always comes from watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette is the music. I was definitely diggin Kate Earl. So Bachelor Nation, thank you for introducing new music. Melody by Kate Earl on Grooveshark

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