Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today is my Friday! Holla!!!

Remember when we could say TGIF and not get in trouble because you said God and there was a whole Friday night line-up called TGIF? Now? Now, people get in trouble just for saying OMG! 

OMG! 20 years ago was so much cooler than now with the perms and side tied t-shirts and rolled socks and the worse thing you said was butt head.

I'm so thankful today is my Friday because here is how my day is going.

It started out by emptying the dishwasher at work to find that someone put plastic utensils in there. Have you ever washed plastic utensils?


Followed by this email:


I am confused by the invitation you sent out. It indicated this meeting was cancelled. Can you please clarify?'

My response? 'The meeting was cancelled'. I'm not sure how you actually clarify that.


And finally, while working on a mailing, I found  several of the envelopes that we get from our printer to already be sealed. Here's to re-printing 150 envelopes.

I'm off to lunch with my 'team', all three of us, then heading up to Lutsen for a family wedding.

I hope your day is starting off more tremendous than mine.


  1. cancelled means still having it to me....

    silly people.

  2. Have fun in Lutsen. One of my favorite places in MN.