Thursday, May 30, 2013

T-Rex Thursdays

This is what happens on Thursdays when it's a tad slow.

Me: Please do a wedding photo like this!

Greeter 1: So perfect! Do it.

Greeter 2: Yes please! However...see the modifications below...

Bride: Well those modifications are obvious. Andrew and I actually discussed this last night and said everyone should be running away scare but Andy would be standing there like this...

Groom hunny - please confirm you are ok with the below modifications to the pictures we will be taking with T-Rex once Matt confirms his arrival.

Greeter 1: Is anyone going to tell Bride that the dinosaur is phtoshopped?...this is awkward...

Groom: You can't prove that

Greeter 1: I can, he died. I think it happened in the 90s...Spinosaurus killed him, as depicted in the documentary in JP3.


Greeter 2: Don't worry...the media understood his importance to society, so they've featured him in many movies since...


Greeter 2: I just spent ten minutes watching t-rex clips. I highly recommend this as a 3:30 - Thursday activity.

Yes, these pictures are originals to the email. I hope you enjoyed.

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