Thursday, May 9, 2013

SPD: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

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What did I see, pin and do? Bacon wrapped hot dogs!

Ok, the Man Friend gifted me some jalapeno bacon and some amazing hot dogs. Yes, he went to his butcher and got this for me after I said I just want a really good, juicy hot dog. I never eat them in the winter and since that finally ended, my mouth was screaming for a hot dog!

He suggested that I wrap the hot dogs with the bacon. What?!? I had never heard of such a thing. I searched Pinterest for some tips (and so I could link up), and was surprised at how simple and delicious this looked.

Jalapeno bacon
Natural casing hot dogs
Hot dogs wrapped in jalapeno bacon
Grilled hot dogs wrapped in jalapeno bacon

There was a serious kick to the dogs with that bacon. My flip flops were literally blown off my feet at how delicious this was.

The building I live in doesn't allow grills on the decks so I pulled out Old George and cooked these bad boys up in about 8 minutes. You don't get that nice smokey taste, but shoot, with the jalapeno bacon, you don't miss it, although I'm sure it would be mighty tasty.

Pair it with some roasted broccoli and a nice cold beer and you have the summer meal of all summer meals.

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  1. My husband loves anything wrapped in bacon so I'm sure he would be a fan of these!! Thank you for linking up with us today, girl.


  2. That looks amazing! Made me hungry!