Friday, May 3, 2013

Most random post in the history of random posts

Here's a glimpse in to the brain of Ali. It's not pretty, that's your warning.

* First. Here's a picture of some ducks just standing, holding their ground in a parking lot. They did not appreciate me walking by. They chased me while quacking. They are not fast, but their quack is intimidating.

* Thank you all 1.673 billion people today who pointed out that I have a cold. I was not aware that my eyes were blood shot, my nose was running (don't worry, I caught it), and that I just look really awful. I was feeling like puppy dogs and sunshine until you told me I was under the weather.

* Sometimes I wear puffin pajamas when I don't bring any up to the cabin. Fact. I am really cool because I can wear these. 

* What's with the words suck and blow? They mean the opposite yet if someone if having a bad day, they say "My day totally blows" or "My day totally sucks". Then there's the act that the young kids call a 'BJ'. You do not blow. Why isn't it called a 'SJ'. I know, inappropriate, don't really care. It's the direction the hamster is running in my head today.

* Do you ever have a craving for something so bad you can't get it out of your head, but then you make it and it doesn't satisfy your craving? Yeah, homemade tacos do not compare to Taco Bell. And PS Ali. When you're craving hard shell tacos, don't go soft! By the hard shells so you can just get that craving out of the way and move on to the next.

* I've been getting some really good deep sleep lately and I think that has to do something with the dreams I'm having. Sometimes I wake up and I don't know what's real and what was just a dream. Like the other night when I had a dream about being chased my killer whales. I had watched one too many YouTube videos about whales and sea lions I think.

* Lately my tolerance for dumb and inconsiderate people has been through the roof. I'm typically a pretty relaxed, care free person, but my bloods been boiling in about 2.2 seconds when people just don't have common sense. Like, instead of adding more garbage bags next to the already full garbage, how about you take out the garbage so the whole apartment doesn't smell like rotten food. Common sense? I thought so.

* My new friend Manny, who I met on the bus, gave me an orange he got from the Farmers Market. I didn't eat it.

*This was left on my desk. It was roughly 10 years old and some packets of mixture were open. I didn't look inside because I was afraid of what I would find.

* Finally, my medal and my time for my first half marathon.

*Oh, one more thing. If you have a Trader Joe's near by. You must pick these up. They will raise your spirit on a gloomy day like today.

There you have it. The inner workings of my mind.

Now go have a fantastic weekend! I have a bachelorette party to attend!

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  1. Trader Joe's has the most addicting sweets. I dare you to try the salted caramel brownies - they are bite size, but that doesn't matter when you eat the whole container in a week. Congrats on your half!! A friend of mine ran that one and liked it.