Friday, May 17, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Dandelion Kitchen

Earlier this week I got a craving for the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had from Dandelion Kitchen. I was obsessed with this sandwich last year and ate it probably once a week throughout Food Truck season.

I tracked down Dandelion Kitchen, I think its permanent spot is the plaza of the IDS Center, and searched the menu for my Cuban sandwich. Sadly, it was no where to be seen. 

Then I thought, Food Truck Friday posts are for me to get out there and try new trucks, or at least something new off the menu, so I went with the Grilled Ham & Brie sandwich.

Let me break it down for you. 

Grilled Ham & Brie: All local ham and creamy brie with house made fig mustard, sliced pear, arugula, and whole grain mustard.

Their whole grain mustard is why I loved their Cuban sandwich so much.

This sandwich was monstrous. There was a pile of ham with brie in between. A thin layer of pears (which I don't usually like) on the fig mustard which balanced out the saltiness from the ham and brie. The bread was perfectly toasted, yet still soft.

I was definitely smiling the whole time I savored this sandwich.

By the time you read this, like anyone really reads this, I'll be up in Lutsen for my cousins wedding. Shout out to Pat, the groom to be! Hopefully I'll be out hiking or walking the North Shore, so come back Monday for what should be a full Weekend Review.

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