Friday, May 31, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Melch's Meat Wagon

It's Food Truck Friday and this week I tried Melch's Meat Wagon

The other day I scoped out the food trucks on my way to pick up Mindy Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), I'm really excited to read it, and have heard it's a funny book.

*For you MPLS peeps, I have a list on Twitter of the food trucks that frequent downtown MPLS for lunch. It's the easiest way to see what trucks are going to be out and where they will be. I'm sure there is a better list that exists, I just couldn't find it.

I was excited to see Melch's Meat Wagon was between my office and the library so while I went to pick up my book, I checked their menu online, which rotates, but I think a lot of their burgers and sandwiches are staples.

On my way back to the office I stopped and ordered the Cowgirl Sandwich: Chicken breast, bacon, pepper jack cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce, all on a pretzel bun.

The sandwich got better as I ate it, the last two bites were the best because I had a bit of everything in those bites. It was hard to find where to get that first bite because it was so big. 

I was nervous that there would be too much BBQ sauce, but I, as someone who doesn't want to only taste BBQ sauce, didn't think there was enough. It would also be nice if you could choose a level of hotness. This was your standard BBQ sauce, no kick. 

It was a good sandwich, but I'm really excited to go back and try a burger. That would go really good with a beer...I wonder if they'll be at any brewery's this weekend. Y'all know I'm diggin my brewery's lately!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

T-Rex Thursdays

This is what happens on Thursdays when it's a tad slow.

Me: Please do a wedding photo like this!

Greeter 1: So perfect! Do it.

Greeter 2: Yes please! However...see the modifications below...

Bride: Well those modifications are obvious. Andrew and I actually discussed this last night and said everyone should be running away scare but Andy would be standing there like this...

Groom hunny - please confirm you are ok with the below modifications to the pictures we will be taking with T-Rex once Matt confirms his arrival.

Greeter 1: Is anyone going to tell Bride that the dinosaur is phtoshopped?...this is awkward...

Groom: You can't prove that

Greeter 1: I can, he died. I think it happened in the 90s...Spinosaurus killed him, as depicted in the documentary in JP3.


Greeter 2: Don't worry...the media understood his importance to society, so they've featured him in many movies since...


Greeter 2: I just spent ten minutes watching t-rex clips. I highly recommend this as a 3:30 - Thursday activity.

Yes, these pictures are originals to the email. I hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chicken Sausage and Goya

On my bus ride home from work last night, my bus buddy Manny asked what I was making for dinner. I said I was thinking about chicken sausage and veggies but I wasn't sure how I was going to season it or if I would make a sauce with it. 

He mentioned that his wife cooks a lot of Puerto Rican dishes and that they use a seasoning packet called Sazon Goya. It's a blend of different Latin spices and he offered to give me a pack.

I picked up some spinach and feta chicken sausage, sauteed them for a few minutes until it started to brown, added my frozen veggies and about 1/3 of the Goya packet. It was really, really good!

I didn't want to eat it all because I wanted to be able to eat it again for lunch. 

It was a lovely night enjoying my new found spice packet, and then I woke up to my stove top still on. Yup, I walked into the kitchen trying to figure out why the apartment was so hot and the roommate and her boyfriend were up late cooking and left the burners on all night.

I'm not really here to vent, but then again, it is my little space in Internet land. Waking up to unlocked doors, dishes piled in the sink, over flowing garbage and burners left on over night has really brought me to the end of my rope. I put in my 60 day notice, but will most likely be moving out before that.

So...anyone want to rent my space??

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Review

On Friday Kari and I were able to get out of town early enough to miss the bad traffic heading North for the long weekend. That is, until someones black lab got lose and started running around 35W. We called the local police and they sent a state trooper to check it out.

Props to Man Friend who came up and dealt with me and my family for two days. He had only met everyone briefly before but all in all I think it went well. 

Kayla, Kari and Joe spent a lot of time on the lake fishing so Man Friend and I had to find other ways to entertain ourselves since the weather was not so pleasant. It was mostly cloudy and very windy. We headed in to Siren to check out some of the stores. I found some $.99 wine that really wasn't too shabby at Yourchuck's. Then we went to a BBQ place that I was always a little weary of going in to. The inside is so much nicer than the outside. They had samples of their dry rubs and BBQ sauces. They also have ribs you can buy and make at home. Next time I go up there I'm definitely stopping for some ribs and sauce. 

On Sunday we thought about taking the boat out before Man Friend left to go home but I didn't check for gas first so we got the boat out of the lift, made it a couple cabins down before I turned around to get some gas. Well, I didn't know where it was and the wind was really pulling us, but we couldn't get the boat started. It was going right for our neighbors boat so I did what any girl would do. I jumped in the lake in my jeans and sweatshirt, and stopped the boat from hitting our neighbors. It was freezing!

After he left Kari and I finished making our homemade bags set that we started two years ago. The sun was finally starting to make an appearance so we got mom and dad to play with us. Surprisingly dad has some bag skills and he and Kari totally creamed me and mom.

It was a great long weekend. I'm looking forward to when the sun stays out and the water warms up.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Memorial Weekend!

What is up!

It is the mother flippin weekend and the way I see it, the official weekend that kicks off Summer!

Woo hoo!!

There's no food truck Friday this week because, quite Frankly, my wallet and lunch time just wouldn't allow it. This has been a strange week. I had one lunch.

Since there is no Food Truck Friday, I'll join Whitney with a little Friday Back That Azz Up because...

Memorial weekend + Summer kickoff x putting in the dock/boat + Busch Light = Country Music!

Certainly that will cheer up grumpy cow
Here's what I've been loving in the country music world as of late:

There is something about this song that I can't wait to blast on the drive North with the windows down, sunroof open, sun shining and the smell of pine and fresh water in the air!

This song I want blasting while I'm playing Ladder Golf/Testie Toss/Monkey Balls in the yard.

and this one...

This one for happy hour boat cruises around the lake.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

I'll be here.

This is my super happy place.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Review

Here's the weekend review coming at ya a day late, but I was recovering from Saturday's festivities still.

My packing skills. More wine than clothes.

Thursday after work, Kari and I drove up to Lutsen, MN on the North Shore. After a stop at Target, a struggle with some windshield wipers, we were on our way!

There was a lot of family time, exploring time, and boozing time.
Views from our living room and the walk to the Main Lodge.
A family that walks, planks, eats, laughs and brushes their teeth together, stays together.
We hiked at Cascade Park and visited Grandma and Grandpa's old place in Hoveland.
A short stop in Grand Marais for some fudge and beer.
 Yard beer bonging, white fedora's, little boys lining up for kisses and endless dancing.

This past weekend was jam packed and I wouldn't change a thing. It was fun to have all of our family together with no real agenda except the wedding on Saturday afternoon. Everyone had such a good time celebrating Pat and Summer's wedding, dancing endlessly and catching up with relatives we don't get to see often.

 photo Untitled_zps996e986e.jpg

Friday, May 17, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Dandelion Kitchen

Earlier this week I got a craving for the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had from Dandelion Kitchen. I was obsessed with this sandwich last year and ate it probably once a week throughout Food Truck season.

I tracked down Dandelion Kitchen, I think its permanent spot is the plaza of the IDS Center, and searched the menu for my Cuban sandwich. Sadly, it was no where to be seen. 

Then I thought, Food Truck Friday posts are for me to get out there and try new trucks, or at least something new off the menu, so I went with the Grilled Ham & Brie sandwich.

Let me break it down for you. 

Grilled Ham & Brie: All local ham and creamy brie with house made fig mustard, sliced pear, arugula, and whole grain mustard.

Their whole grain mustard is why I loved their Cuban sandwich so much.

This sandwich was monstrous. There was a pile of ham with brie in between. A thin layer of pears (which I don't usually like) on the fig mustard which balanced out the saltiness from the ham and brie. The bread was perfectly toasted, yet still soft.

I was definitely smiling the whole time I savored this sandwich.

By the time you read this, like anyone really reads this, I'll be up in Lutsen for my cousins wedding. Shout out to Pat, the groom to be! Hopefully I'll be out hiking or walking the North Shore, so come back Monday for what should be a full Weekend Review.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today is my Friday! Holla!!!

Remember when we could say TGIF and not get in trouble because you said God and there was a whole Friday night line-up called TGIF? Now? Now, people get in trouble just for saying OMG! 

OMG! 20 years ago was so much cooler than now with the perms and side tied t-shirts and rolled socks and the worse thing you said was butt head.

I'm so thankful today is my Friday because here is how my day is going.

It started out by emptying the dishwasher at work to find that someone put plastic utensils in there. Have you ever washed plastic utensils?


Followed by this email:


I am confused by the invitation you sent out. It indicated this meeting was cancelled. Can you please clarify?'

My response? 'The meeting was cancelled'. I'm not sure how you actually clarify that.


And finally, while working on a mailing, I found  several of the envelopes that we get from our printer to already be sealed. Here's to re-printing 150 envelopes.

I'm off to lunch with my 'team', all three of us, then heading up to Lutsen for a family wedding.

I hope your day is starting off more tremendous than mine.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sister Dinner: Red's Savoy

Last night was the second sister dinner at Red's Savoy. I've never been, and honestly I had never heard of them except for the occasional drive by in UpTown.

We decided that if we were going to do this then we had to go to the original in St. Paul. After a couple wrong turns due to our phones GPS system, we finally made it.

It's almost like an old supper club. Very dark, dim lighting and lot of red booths. We picked a booth by the kitchen and were immediately greeted by our server.  She was your 'St. Paul',  gal, you know, a little rough, but she was a great server.

We ordered a pitcher of Summit while we decided what pizzas to get. We decided to get one sausage and pepperoni and one pepperoni, onion and jalapeno. They were both equally delicious.

 Red's Savoy is good pizza. It's loaded with toppings, seriously, no skimping at all. Just the right amount of sauce and a generous topping of cheese. The jalapenos were super fresh, and this is coming from a gal who doesn't eat a whole lot of jalapeno's, I guess unless it's in my bacon.

This is our second pizza place, and so different from Lola's. It's more classic in that it's your basic toppings. However, they did have one with pepperoni, onions and pickles, that's a pizza I want to come back and try. Have you ever put pickles on your pizza?

Next stop, Fat Lorenzo's!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marriage Equality + MN = You Betcha

This is a huge week for Minnesotans! 

Yesterday the Senate voted to legalize same sex marriage in Minnesota and today Governor Mark Dayton will sign that bill to make it official. Beginning in August two men or two women will be able to marry.

This puts Minnesota as the 12th state to legalize same sex marriage.

I'm proud to be from a state that appreciates diversity and equality!

In other Minnesota news, the Vikings unveiled the new stadium. It looks pretty rad, lets just hope we have a winning team who is worth this new stadium.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Review

With a snap of a finger the weekend is over. How does that happen?

Friday was a great day. For starters, it was Friday, it was actually nice out, and things were just going great. When I got home, my Birchbox had arrived to totally top off my Friday!

Then I met the Man Friend at Steel Toe Brewery for a quick beer. We were hoping there would be a food truck, but there wasn't so we headed back to my place and walked over to the Irish Restaurant that is right around the corner.

We were able to sit on the patio and enjoy the nice weather, finally!

On Saturday morning I met my little sister at the LA Fitness in UpTown so we would go to a class that my cousin teaches. It was a Step Circuit class so 5 minutes step, 3 minutes weights ending with abs. I wore my heart rate monitor and burned 575 calories. Total scorcher.

Saturday night was Kari's birthday party. Kayla and I helped put together pub golf.

It was a lot of fun. There was a big turn out and everyone enjoyed the game and kept the night moving.

 It's not a birthday party without pointy party hats!

Sign in the bathroom

One of the bonus points was getting your picture taken with someone with a beard. Luckily these two make along and were quite a hit with their beards.

Sunday was a very rough day, but it was Mother's Day so Kayla, Kari and I went to the grocery story and picked up some pork tenderloins, brussel sprouts and potatoes and cooked mom a Mother's Day meal.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Food Truck Friday: Get Sauced

In an effort to force myself to get out of the office at least once a week for lunch, I'm going to try to do Food Truck Friday!

Every Friday I'll be coming at you with a new food truck that I tried during the week. 

One of the reasons I love working downtown Minneapolis is the life and energy in the Spring/Summer over the lunch hour. Everyone comes out of their offices and floods the streets whether it's for the Thursday Farmer's Market or to try one of the many food trucks that seem to double every year.

This week (today) I walked up and down Marquette Avenue checking out each food truck and reading the menus. After making my lap back down Marquette, I picked up a free can of 10 Calorie (2g sugar) Dr. Pepper that was being handed out and decided on trying Get Sauced.

Legit good. Tastes just like the original.

When it was my turn to order I was going to get the Pulled Chicken Sandwich put everyone in front of me was ordering the Pulled Pork so I went with what must be amazing and chose the Pulled Pork Sandwich. I'm so glad I did!

Pulled Pork: Slow roasted pork, slathered with blue ribbon MN state fair award winning BBQ sauce, topped with Granny Smith Apple slaw

I'm not usually a slaw person, but this all went together so well. I'm so happy that I got out of the office and tried Get Sauced. They had a BBQ sauce on the side that the guy taking orders said was made with ghost peppers. I took a little bit with my sandwich and it definitely gave it a kick.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SPD: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Linking up today for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It!

What did I see, pin and do? Bacon wrapped hot dogs!

Ok, the Man Friend gifted me some jalapeno bacon and some amazing hot dogs. Yes, he went to his butcher and got this for me after I said I just want a really good, juicy hot dog. I never eat them in the winter and since that finally ended, my mouth was screaming for a hot dog!

He suggested that I wrap the hot dogs with the bacon. What?!? I had never heard of such a thing. I searched Pinterest for some tips (and so I could link up), and was surprised at how simple and delicious this looked.

Jalapeno bacon
Natural casing hot dogs
Hot dogs wrapped in jalapeno bacon
Grilled hot dogs wrapped in jalapeno bacon

There was a serious kick to the dogs with that bacon. My flip flops were literally blown off my feet at how delicious this was.

The building I live in doesn't allow grills on the decks so I pulled out Old George and cooked these bad boys up in about 8 minutes. You don't get that nice smokey taste, but shoot, with the jalapeno bacon, you don't miss it, although I'm sure it would be mighty tasty.

Pair it with some roasted broccoli and a nice cold beer and you have the summer meal of all summer meals.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Review

Happy Monday! 

Or is it?

This weekend was super low key. I've been under the weather and no matter what I do, no meds seem to help.

Friday night I rented Silver Linings Playbook. I had one glass of wine, so unlike me, and  was in bed nice and early.

I shut off my alarm for Saturday AM  classes at the gym and thought that if I woke up on my own with enough time to make it, then I'd go. Well, no surprise there, I was up at 6:00, so I laid in bed for another hour and took my time getting ready for step class. I really like step, I just get so confused when we have to turn around. I don't know why, but even my little sister says the same thing happens to her. My cousin works for the gym we go to and is a step instructor so this weekend I'm going to try and go to her class Saturday AM. I followed the hour long class with 20 minutes on the elliptical before heading home..

I quickly cleaned up and gathered my laundry like I do every weekend and headed over to my parents. Man Friend asked if I wanted to meet for a beer at Fulton, they had just released their Insurrection, one of their Garage Series beers, so while my laundry dried we met up for a couple cold ones.

I've said it before, but I think Fulton is probably my favorite beer. The Lonely Blonde and Sweet Child of Vine are delicious.

Saturday evening I picked up my sisters and a cousin and we headed over to Eden Prairie for a bachelorette party at Buca Di Bepo. Its been a long time since I've been there, and the food was really good. While we ate we passed around questions for Summer to answer that her husband to be had answered. Some of the questions were pretty entertaining. After dinner we went to Maynards on Lake Minnetonka. I'm so excited for the wedding in two weeks. I have a feeling there will be a lot of alcohol consumed.

Sunday I spent the whole entire day on my couch falling in and out of consciousness while watching some Lifetime movies and catching up on Duck Dynasty. I made it to the grocery store for some essentials, and resumed my position on the couch.

Despite this cold that just won't go away, I made it to work early today to hit up the gym. This is pretty sleek, taking an earlier bus and still getting in a full hour at the gym before work. I get my whole night now!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Most random post in the history of random posts

Here's a glimpse in to the brain of Ali. It's not pretty, that's your warning.

* First. Here's a picture of some ducks just standing, holding their ground in a parking lot. They did not appreciate me walking by. They chased me while quacking. They are not fast, but their quack is intimidating.

* Thank you all 1.673 billion people today who pointed out that I have a cold. I was not aware that my eyes were blood shot, my nose was running (don't worry, I caught it), and that I just look really awful. I was feeling like puppy dogs and sunshine until you told me I was under the weather.

* Sometimes I wear puffin pajamas when I don't bring any up to the cabin. Fact. I am really cool because I can wear these. 

* What's with the words suck and blow? They mean the opposite yet if someone if having a bad day, they say "My day totally blows" or "My day totally sucks". Then there's the act that the young kids call a 'BJ'. You do not blow. Why isn't it called a 'SJ'. I know, inappropriate, don't really care. It's the direction the hamster is running in my head today.

* Do you ever have a craving for something so bad you can't get it out of your head, but then you make it and it doesn't satisfy your craving? Yeah, homemade tacos do not compare to Taco Bell. And PS Ali. When you're craving hard shell tacos, don't go soft! By the hard shells so you can just get that craving out of the way and move on to the next.

* I've been getting some really good deep sleep lately and I think that has to do something with the dreams I'm having. Sometimes I wake up and I don't know what's real and what was just a dream. Like the other night when I had a dream about being chased my killer whales. I had watched one too many YouTube videos about whales and sea lions I think.

* Lately my tolerance for dumb and inconsiderate people has been through the roof. I'm typically a pretty relaxed, care free person, but my bloods been boiling in about 2.2 seconds when people just don't have common sense. Like, instead of adding more garbage bags next to the already full garbage, how about you take out the garbage so the whole apartment doesn't smell like rotten food. Common sense? I thought so.

* My new friend Manny, who I met on the bus, gave me an orange he got from the Farmers Market. I didn't eat it.

*This was left on my desk. It was roughly 10 years old and some packets of mixture were open. I didn't look inside because I was afraid of what I would find.

* Finally, my medal and my time for my first half marathon.

*Oh, one more thing. If you have a Trader Joe's near by. You must pick these up. They will raise your spirit on a gloomy day like today.

There you have it. The inner workings of my mind.

Now go have a fantastic weekend! I have a bachelorette party to attend!